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 Besenzoni’s new gangway PI 461 lands on the market.


This is a classic external hydraulic model with gangway and crane function by Besenzoni. However, two are the main innovations: the aluminium structure that allows a reduction in total weight and a wider broadwalk. The great advantage of the lighter aluminium structure is to keep the same level of stability along with a firm reduction in weight. This is possible thanks to the technical research characterizing both the coated version and the one with polished coverings.

The lighter weight leads to a reduction of the overall impact on the boat and makes it suitable for its installation both on sailing boats and motor boats ; they cover the requirements on board for a wide variety of crafts.

Concerning the solid broadwalk, a particular “full lenght” finishing replaced the traditional relief-like edge granting more available space. to the benefit of the ease of access to aboard and obviously the safety of movement.

Climbing on board from the iroko broadwalk with anti-skid inserts is made easier by the presence of automatic rope handrails.

The decision to use iroko instead of teak is due to the choice of eco-sustainability that characterize the company’s policy in its entirety, while ensuring an equal quality in aesthetic and mechanical characteristics.

This kind of gangways with hydraulic movement are fully automatic.

Able to performing both gangway and crane functions, by using it as a davit it is possible handle loads up to 200 kg with an extension of the walkway that reaches 220 cm.


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