Sanlorenzo’s new SX88 powered by Volvo Penta IPS

Sanlorenzo SX88 fitted with Volvo Penta IPS

Yacht-builder Sanlorenzo has chosen to embark on a new collaboration with Volvo Penta, in confirming that an Inboard Performance System (IPS) model is an ideal choice for its new ‘crossover’ yacht line. The SX series has been developed to combine the best elements of a flybridge and compact explorer yacht, and the first vessel, the SX88, made her global premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Italian boat-builder Sanlorenzo has created the first in a new line of yachts that is aimed at transforming boating. The SX88 has only one helm station, in order to maximize space, and will cruise at 20-21 knots. Sanlorenzo has chosen to power the vessel with Volvo Penta IPS thanks to the system’s excellent fuel efficiency and maneuverability, and its contribution to providing great onboard comfort.

Design development manager at Sanlorenzo, Luca Santella, explains the concept: “The vision of SX comes from deep knowledge of life on the water. I imagine people sharing with family and friends, all the possibilities of space to live really close to the water – with no barriers between the boat and the water itself.”

Massimo Perotti, chief executive officer and chairman of Sanlorenzo, says that the company wanted to create a yacht that had plenty of space for onboard living as well as having the performance of a fast displacement vessel. “We had been thinking about how to create a new way of enjoying the yachting experience, and the idea was to attract the market that is passionate about the sea,” he says.

“This boat is made for connoisseurs – people who respect the sea and love to go boating; people who like nature and sport and want to interact with the water. This boat can be filled with a lot of extra equipment, like a bigger tender, a jet ski and items for windsurfing and diving, so that a family and their friends can really enjoy their contact with the water.”

New yacht concept

Sanlorenzo was founded in 1958 and now has three shipyards in Northwest Italy. It makes several vessel lines, including planning motor yachts, semi-displacement motor yachts, the new fast displacement SX line, and superyachts. The new ‘crossover’ SX line is a combination of a flybridge and compact explorer yacht. In order to achieve the desired performance and layout space, Sanlorenzo selected triple Volvo Penta D13-IPS1050 to power the yacht.

“We felt that we wanted to be innovative with the propulsion system, and so we chose Volvo Penta IPS because we think this is a smart way to go,” says Perotti. “It is silent, there is reduced vibration, it is easy to install, and the fuel consumption is very efficient. We also wanted to create something modern, more young and dynamic, and easy to drive without bow and stern thrusters. With just a joystick, you can maneuver and dock the boat, easily.”

He adds: “The market has received the idea of this new boat very positively, so we are pushing forward. The SX line is helping us grab new segments of the market – new, younger customers. We like the idea of growing the line, producing bigger boats, and still keeping the relationship with Volvo Penta. I think that Volvo IPS is integrating very well in this new SX line.”

Intelligent approach

Volvo Penta D13-IPS1050 is a complete package, powered by a 13-liter common-rail diesel engine with a twin-entry turbo and supercharger, for incredible, low rpm response. Its perfectly-matched IPS pod features twin forward-facing counter-rotating propellers, for superior grip in the water below the hull. Volvo Penta IPS links all elements from helm to prop, and the individually steerable pods, directed via the Electronic Vessel Control and joystick systems, provide exceptional maneuverability. IPS provides high performance through acceleration and top speed, excellent fuel consumption and low emissions, reduced noise and vibrations, and more onboard space than a traditional inboard shaft installation.

“Sanlorenzo has approached the concept for their new SX88 in a very intelligent way,” says Nicola Pomi, marine sales manager at Volvo Penta for Italy and Spain. “They’ve assessed that many customers want both the comfort that plenty of onboard space provides, with the fun they can have with a fast displacement boat. Volvo Penta IPS is perfect to offer both. It’s exciting that Sanlorenzo has chosen to collaborate with us for the first time, and we look forward to working with them on the development of the SX line.”

Sanlorenzo was displayed at the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival.

SX88 in new film series

Volvo Penta is launching a new online film series, ‘Boating Dreams’. In the first episode, Luca Santella, design development manager at Sanlorenzo, shares his thoughts on the design of his latest boating dream – the Sanlorenzo SX88.

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