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Volvo Penta Boating Dreams series


Volvo Penta Boating DreamsVolvo Penta launched a new online film series, Boating Dreams. In the series, people from the world of boating share their dreams about life on the water.

The Boating Dreams series will be published online and on Volvo Penta’s social media channels. In the series, viewers will meet people from different parts of the boating world, who share their innermost dreams about life at sea.

“At Volvo Penta, we are bringing power to life in many different ways,” says Kina Wileke, senior vice president and head of brand communication and marketing at Volvo Penta. “When we consider life at sea, we want to make it possible for people to fulfil their dreams. We believe that boating dreams are as different as people and we want to share these dreams with the rest of the world,”

In the first episode of Boating Dreams, viewers met boat designer, Luca Santella, who talked about his latest boating dream – designing a new crossover yacht that intends to connect people even closer to the sea than ever before.

“During the series, we will meet different people, everyone with a strong connection to boating and life at sea. For example, we will meet a boat owner who dreams of freedom out at sea and a global explorer, who loves to face the forces of nature,” says Kina Wileke.

“The end result is to share the emotions that people feel connected to being on the water. Boating is very much about the experience and it is our intention to capture this.”

All episodes of the Volvo Penta Boating Dreams series are being published on Volvo Penta’s global website:  and on Volvo Penta’s Facebook page.


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