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Isotta Fraschini Motori at Lloyd’s Register Awards

Isotta Fraschini Motori

Isotta Fraschini MotoriIsotta Fraschini Motori (IFM), a subsidiary of Fincantieri, was awarded the “Best Italian Client 2017” prize dedicated to suppliers on the Lloyd’s Register Awards, a gala evening organized by the classification society once a year, which celebrates the shipping industry.

The award was attributed to IFM for having promoted an innovative approach, carried out together with Lloyd’s Register, with regards to the relationships between the company and its supply chain through the project “Qualification of suppliers”.

The internal survey conducted by IFM envisaged an evaluation of the current processes in order to identify possible areas of improvement. The project in particular involved 10 suppliers, divided into two areas of activity, foundries and machining processes, and highlight strengths and difficulties of each in terms of production and quality. This analysis allowed a critical mapping, which led to the identification for each supplier of certain policy areas.

The project had three basic aims: reducing dependence on direct inspections of finished goods; optimizing processes based on increasing quality; strengthening the partnership with the companies of the supply chain.