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HP BiBi, the new way to make water on board

HP Watermakers HP BiBi

HP Watermakers HP BiBiAfter the introduction on the market of the RP TRONIC, the automatic pressure regulation system, in 2002, which revolutionised the way to make water on board and redefined the operating standards, today HP Watermakers introduces HP BiBi, the innovative remote-control system for watermakers.

HP BiBi allows to use the water-maker from every internet connected device, BiBi has a user-friendly interface made with a high design. HP BiBi is not only a device that allows the users to turn ON and OFF the watermaker remotely, but is a complete integrated system that allows the technicians, and the factory, to verify and check the status of the watermaker at any moment and to reset alarms and make a precise diagnosis of the problem before the service will intervene on board.

Easy to install, configurable in a few moments, compact and ready to use. HP covers all the machines installing BiBi, with a 4-year warranty.