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Levante new ultra-light epoxy putty


Levante new ultra-light epoxy puttyLevante’s new two-component epoxy ultra-light epoxy putty is studied for the particular needs of shipbuilding. It is a new-generation putty with a very low retraction and it has got a low specific weight of 0.6 kg/L. It is usable where it’s necessary to minimise variations in weight.

It looks very soft, easy for hand spatula with an excellent result smooth and flat. Although formulated with extremely refined fillers it has excellent filling power and it’s re-varnishable with mono or bicomponent paints. Sanding occurs after four or five hours of application if dried at a temperature not lower than 25 ° C.

With this new product, Levante confirms once again the continuous research of new products always close to the most particular needs of the market. This kind of research has been awarded last year with the i-Novo Eco Awards received at the occasion of METS TRADE Show 2016 destined to the eco-friendly product styrene-free: Linea Blu.