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Transfluid new electric product Tier G

Transfluid Tier G

Transfluid Tier GThe so-called E-mobility is growing faster and faster toward a zero-emission world. The “Tier”, the “Euro” or other regulations are targeting high numbers but still far from the unachievable “G”reen.

It’s not an easy way to go, since more than one century of internal combustion engine development, led to a very sophisticated technology and very high reliability of these type of movers.

This is why, whatever it will be, the next eco-friendly mover must be powerful, reliable, flexible, similar to existing engine installation. Transfluid has developed a new electric product called Tier G to address such issues.

 Best features

  • Super high efficiency, that means energy saving = higher battery operation time (when not connected to the grid for industrial applications) = longer range.
  • No vibrations
  • Very low noise compared to internal combustion engines
  • Zero emissions – Environmental friendly
  • Compact size
  • High power/weight ratio
  • Very flexible torque profile (vehicles or boats need a different torque envelope compared to an industrial application)

Technical characteristics

  • 130 kW (174 hp) peak power
  • Permanent Magnet technology – 97% efficiency
  • power supply: 384 Vdc battery or 400 Vac grid
  • SAE 4-10” (SAE J617-620) output with SAE B two bolts PTO
  • Liquid (Glycol or water) cooling – Temperature and Pressure switch gauges

Unique retrofittable zero-emission solution


  • Industrial on-road and off-road vehicles
  • Marine main propulsion
  • Marine auxiliary propulsion