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Anvera 48, 14.5m superyacht tender

Anvera 48

Anvera 48Italian brand Anvera has recently unveiled its latest crossover yacht tender, the 14.5-metre Anvera 48. The boat is built entirely in carbon fibre, in keeping with Anvera previous model, the Anvera 55s.

The yacht tender’s sleek lines were conceived and drawn by Aldo Drudi, who calls the result of his latest work “a blend of beauty and speed”. Paolo Picchi took care of the 3D design of the concept, while hull design and engineering are by Andrea Frabetti.

“I started designing the Anvera thinking about an elegant and very fast dolphin,” says Drudi. “While the hull has been developed with hydrodynamic features in mind, the superstructure has been defined by aerodynamics.”

The Anvera 48 features wing-shaped uprights around the deckhouse and the cockpit. Air venting is integrated into a single lightweight pillar supporting the superstructure.

Comfortable and functional, the tender features a 19-square-metre aft beach area, 3.5 square metres dedicated to sunbathing and a spacious master cabin found below decks.

Designed to be high-performance and environmentally friendly, Anvera tenders are claimed to be constructed in a way that results into impressive lightweight and efficient boats, boasting high speeds and reduced CO2 emissions.

Anvera is part of LG-SRL, which specialises in composite materials. In an initiative led by Luca Ferrari, the company utilises the research of Team Italia Offshore, which was founded by Norberto Ferretti for the study and research of extreme technologies.


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