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Wave Marine: the safe and realible wireless remote control for yachts

automatic docking operations

remote control for boatsIMET srl has been designing and manufacturing radio remote controls for the industry for 30 years. Safety has always been the main concern, together with high levels of customization of the product, in order to satisfy the demanding markets of lifting, moving, drilling, etc. IMET srl has decided now to re-enter strategically the marine market with a series of products, among which the Wave Marine, a unit for docking yachts that includes the same safety features found in a tower crane or tunnel drilling radio remote.

Wave Marine Features

Every Wave Marine is plug&play, equipped with an emergency stop button with double independent circuits, safety enable contact on each physical command, marine grade components, durable charged nylon UL94 HB enclosure, LiPo rechargeable battery, built in self-diagnosis and AFA (Automatic Frequency Agility) to avoid any RF interference.

Harbour and channel navigation is one of the most delicate phases for skippers, but thanks to the Wave Marine radio remote control they will be able to manoeuvre the boat by themselves from the most suitable position. Wave Marine radio remote control allows to moor the vessel in absolute safety conditions, from any place of the boat. It’s possible to control the right and left engines and the bow and stern propellers.

While keeping the complete control of the boat, the skipper can approach the wharf and secure or recover the ropes with extreme simplicity, by adjusting its trajectory from your transmitter with small engine corrections. This high control capability will also help reduce the possibility of collisions. The boat driver can stand at the bow and raise or drop the anchor, while keeping an eye at a safe anchorage and at the presence of other boats. Wave Marine can also be equipped with a blacklit panel (illuminated keyboard) in order to facilitate you during nighttime operations.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy