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Tecnorib conquers Wales

speedboat Pirelli boat
Pirelli speedboat
Pirelli J Line – J29

After having signed agreements with various dealers throughout Europe (in Spain, Benelux, Germany and Montenegro), in South East Asia (Thailand), and in central America (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti), TecnoRib lands in Wales, thanks to an agreement with Walker Boat Sales, an important UK dealer.

For TecnoRib it is essential to be close to the many clients and enthusiasts who follow the brand. Two years ago, we began a strong internationalisation strategy which is successfully progressing and aims to won over the most interesting geographical areas for the nautical market”, said Gianni De Bonis, TecnoRib managing director, the day after signing with Walker Boat Sales.

Walker Boat Sales has recently ventured into the dealership business, but it can already claim successful collaborations including that with Sealine, historic English shipyard. Andy Walker, founder and director of Walker Boat Sales, said he was satisfied with the new agreement: “It is with great pleasure that we add TecnoRib to our client portfolio. The brands PIRELLI and P for Speedboats with their quality and innovative design marry perfectly with the tastes of our owners”.

The deal provides for the distribution of tenders of the PIRELLI J Line, which boasts four models – J29, J33, J39 and J45 – ranging in length from 2.9 to 4.5 metres and of the S Line, models with inboard/outboard motors, ideal for medium-sized yachts, in addition to the already well-known Speedboats line.