Sessa Marine shipyard news

sessa marine yacht
F68 interior Master cabin

The 2020 will be a great year for Sessa Marine: the shipyard is going to partecipate at one of the most important exhibition of nautical sector, the BOOT of Dusseldorf, with its flagship model F68 gullwing, a 21 meters of pure power and design. With this boat, there will be the C42 restyled model, an elegant 13 meters cross-over that gather every typical fetures of Sessa Marine.

Furthermore, the company will present a new prestigious project: the Key Largo 37, standard bearer of Key Largo range. This new model has a redesigned hull that support a performance increase and a cunsumption optimization, and it can reach a speed of 55 knots.

The interiors have a modular cockpit, convertible couches, and 2 small electro-hydraulic platforms that give guests bigger and more livable spaces, directly in contact with the sea. The wide panoramic aside windows allow the presence of the natural light below deck, with an enviable view on the sea.

Sessa Marine also decided, with the Centrostiledesign design studio, to give the boat a more aggressive look, and they made a sporting T-top of carbon fibre, that reduce the weight but keep the stiffness.

FLY 68 gullwing

The new Fly 68 was born by the cooperation with Centrostiledesign and, after several changes and modification, is now ready for the market. With a sporting but elegant design, this ship stands out for its light line and its large spaces in which the ship owner can enjoy the navigation.

Among the distinctive elements of this boat, there are the aside openings with a seagull wing shape, that allow both a confortable entrance for the people and a way in for the natural light. Opening the main entrance and the crystal doors with electrical actuators, the hall becomes a veranda on the sea.

This ship has a modern and technological design that caracterize the interiors, with a new livable connotation of the spaces.

The under deck area has a domestic atmosphere, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, to guarantee both privacy and comfort. Finally, is possible to customize the interior design, to satisfy every ship owner’s need.

C42 restyling

The C42 restyling of Sessa Marine is a succesful mix of functionality, beauty and space optimisation. Thanks to the new windows alongside the gunwale, the light become the real star of this ship, creating a contemporary, intimate and comfortable space.

With its 13.10 meters lenght, this cross-over please the tastes of both mediterranean and overseas customers.

The lower deck has 2 bedrooms, the bridal suite on the bow and the double room on the stern, each one with its own bathroom, and a leisure kitchen, equipped with inox sink, a hotplate, 2 flames, a fridge and a freezer. From the kitchen the guests can also relish for a suggestive view, immersing themselves into a marine world.