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Comer, for green marine propulsion

italian boat motor
italian boat motor company
Fiamma Filippone, sales and marketing director of Comer, Vigevano

Designing, developing and manufacturing customised electric motors that are high-performance and with uncompromising reliability. This is the mission that has always been followed by Comer, a point of reference in its sector that can satisfy the most varied requirements at national and international level. It is from its headquarters in Vigevano (PV) that the company faces up to the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, benefiting from know-how, expertise and production capacity.

Continuous innovation also fee yachting, a sector in which Comer has found interesting growth opportunities, thanks to heavy and targeted investment. “This attention,” says sales and marketing director Fiamma Filippone, “has allowed our team to perfect technological solutions with high added value for any kind of vessel. I’m talking about reliable electric motors with top-level performance but, at the same time, able to ensure “green” propulsion. Solutions that can permit navigation also in protected waters, fully respecting the increasing restrictive port and environmental regulations.

The leading player in this product development is the SY family, a range of synchronous solutions and generators available in a wide range of sizes.

Standard by name, custom in fact

The SY range includes a series of standard models that can ensure for any kind of vessel, both totally electric or hybrid, propulsion with torque varying from a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 25,000 Nm. Equally broad is the range of speeds, from 100 to 6000 rpm, the power, from 20 to 500 kW and the shaft height that can reach 710 mm. “The solutions,” says Fiamma Filippone, “are distinguished for their excellent mechanical characteristics as always designed and executed in accordance with precise customer specifications. Obviously the parameters mentioned above are purely indicative and represent only the basic standard production.”

One of the main strong points of the company is the great operational flexibility and organisational and structural capacity for creating truly custom solutions from all points of view, electric and mechanical. “Customising the product,” says Fiamma Filippone, “means for example in electrical terms integrating particular temperature sensors, to precise specifications, or a type of dedicated coil for precise inverter controls. Then it is possible to install the transducer with the electronics the customer requires, positioned the junction box in a particular way or find alternative solutions with cable exits, obviously of a suitable size, if there is a lack of space.

As concerns the more strictly mechanical side, Comer can customise the build shape, the shaft size with a key command, completely smooth on the basis of the coupling and so on.

The added value of a technological partnership

boat electric motor
Comer specialises in the design and production of special asynchronous and synchronous electric motors in alternating current.

The great operational flexibility and satisfying the most varying specifications,” says Fiamma Filippone, “is a prerogative our customers appreciate very much, and it allows us to stand alongside them as a qualified and reliable technological partner, not just as a product supplier.This approach does not only concern the SY series motors mentioned, but an increasingly broad range of asynchronous, synchronous and direct current motors. In more detail, the asynchronous motors, available with a shaft height from a minimum of 63 to a maximum of 315 mm, can be made by Comer with squirrel cage rotors with cables in aluminium or, in larger sizes, in copper.

The cooling system,” says Fiamma Filippone, “can be both air or liquid but, for some very extreme applications, a combined solution can be developed. And this makes it possible to obtain better performance.”

Comer synchronous motors have permanent magnets in rare-earth and have very high torque and power values for their size. These are motor/generators in the ST and SY series. The ST series was designed to provide high torque at low speed, while the SY, including the SY four and SY six versions, can provide higher performance compared with asynchronous solutions of the same size. “Although production is mainly dedicated to alternating current,” says Fiamma Filippone, “Comer still has significant operational space and resources for the production of continuous current motors from 80 to 200.