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Inflatable boats at Boot 2020, discover the Lomac’s fleet

inflatable boat boot 2020
Adrenalina 8.5

Lomac, a leading group in the construction and sale of inflatable boats, will participate again this year at the Boot in Düsseldorf, from 18th to 26th of January 2020, where it will exhibit five of its top models. The company, founded in the early 60’s, has chosen to bring some models belonging to four ranges, confirming the variety and completeness of its offer, which includes 58 models divided into eight series. Each model is designed and produced for specific purposes, made to cover different markets and meet the most diverse needs of every yachtsman.

Adrenalina 8.5 was chosen from the Adrenalina line ─ dedicated to a medium-high segment of the market and composed of luxurious maxi ribs with a sporty, clean and innovative line. The aggressive style is a concept by Federico Fiorentino; designed for fast navigation, it offers a high level of comfort even when the anchor is dropped.

Two models of the IN range will be exhibited. The 850 INdesigned for families but suitable for owners looking for high performance – has a table with adjustable legs on the stern, which can be transformed into a sundeck, seatings with a sink and a toilet or stowage room, while on the bow there is another seating and a locker. The awning is combined with a fiberglass roll bar that can be extended to cover the bow area. 710 IN, with its 7 meters in length, is characterized instead by its 175 cm sundeck situated at the bow, while the console hides a dressing room with a toilet and the stern’s sofa can be transformed into a sundeck for two people. The maximum power available is 200 hp.

The 430 was chosen from the CLUB range (overall lenght of 4.37 meters and width of 1.91 meters), designed to ensure maximum reliability and performance for those who sail for a living. Finally, the last rib at the German Boat Show will be the 300 LX, which is part of the group of models born as tenders but also ideal for small coastal pleasures or inland waters.

Navigational safety, high performance and an excellent price-quality ratio are among the strengths of Lomac inflatable boats, characterized by fine finishes and great attention to detail. Therefore the vast production of the Milanese shipyard is attracting more and more approval and curiosity in various geographic areas.

Lomac will be at Boot from 18th to 26th of January, 2020 at the stand 9C73


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