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B&G presents the new navigation system Zeus3s Glass Helm

new zeus3s

navigation toolB&G, specialized in sail boat tools and navigation instruments, has just announced the launch of the new multifunctional visualization system Zeus3S Glass Helm, which guarantees speed and great performances for mega yachts. Available in 24, 19 and 16 inch models, Zeus3S Glass Helm can be purchased as a system pack or in display-only packs; system packs include a display, GPS, keypad and accessories.

Extraordinary navigation performance

The new Zeus3S Glass Helm display has twice the previous version’s performance, which delivers category leading response times for incredibly smooth transitions. Thanks to the integrated iMX8 6-core, it’s possible to have immediately access to system and navigation informations needed, in any condition. It is also possible to customize your own command layout, depending on the activity made, and change it easily. The thin glass display hides and protects the powerful central nucleus and it fits with any kind of bridge, from the most modern to the classic one.

Touchscreen intuitive control

navigation tool for mega yachtZeus3S Glass Helm offers the best navigation data and system view through its display full HD, designed for big sail boats. The ultra bright display of 24″, 19″ and 16″ inch can be easily installed both internally and externally of the boat. The wide angles of view allow to a better visualisation of the display, even if you’re wearing polarised sunglasses. The improved processor speed gives you the option to seamlessly combine up to six panels in a split-screen layout without delays. Navigate charts and use your sailing features such as RacePanel and SailSteer, whilst also viewing all your connected systems, such as autopilot, radar and sonar, with a single touch.

Fully connected

The Zeus3S Glass Helm System Pack contains everything you need to start building a glass-helm system, including a ZC2 Remote Controller. The Remote Controller provides keypad control of up to six displays, perfect for a multi-display helm layout. The built-in wireless connectivity links Zeus3S Glass Helm to your existing mobile devices for remote viewing and control, and delivers easy online software upgrades via any wireless internet hotspot. Wired Ethernet, NMEA 2000®, and J1939 networking provide almost limitless integration options, from vessel-wide display systems to radar, sonar, engine integration, and much more.