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Pools movable floor


Yacht builders face the challenge of creating opulent, multi-use space in relatively tight quarters. With its technologically advanced moveable floor, Hellebrekers Yachts allows yacht builders to maximize the use of space in the on-deck pool area.

The moveable floor by Hellebrekers is a multipurpose component of swimming pools on board of superyachts. It can be raised to floor position, turning the pool into an entertainment area. When adjusted to a given depth, it functions as a Jacuzzi seat. And at its deepest level, the movable floor creates a swimming pool for sports purposes.

To reduce the installation height of the movable floor and avoid installations at the bottom of the pool, Hellebrekers implements drive spindles that are fitted inside the vertical pool wall. The jackscrews are installed in stainless steel gutter fronts. The spindles system is controlled by means of a Siemens PLC. As the spindles are concealed in the pool walls, swimmers will have an unobstructed see-through view in case of a glass basin.

Hellebrekers Yachts specializes in state-of-the-art technical installations for on-deck swimming pools and wellness facilities. The firm is located in the Netherlands.

Hellebrekers is represented by Mistral.





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