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JEC WORLD 2020 – The foremost event of the composite materials industry


The goal of JEC World is to help the composites industry grow by communicating all the vast potential and advantages of composites compared to other materials.

The slogan “Make it real with composites” is not a myth but a reality.

Composite innovation  and knowledge are in the spotlight at JEC World


Innovation Planets: innovation at the heart of JEC World 2020

The four Innovation Planets will demonstrate +120 products as well as videos and case studies from various industries, to showcase the benefits of using composites. Benefits such as: lightweighting, durability, impact resistance, stiffness, rigidity, freedom of form, aesthetical appeal, hybridization with other materials and resistance. These and other benefits are what make composites the high quality materials of the future.

The Innovation Planets will include:

“Aero & Space” which will highlight innovations that aim to use lightweight, high-strength materials to reduce the weight of parts leading to a reduction in energy consumption and of the sector’s environmental impact. Among the vast number of companies showcasing their products are: Airborne, Airbus, ATG Europe, Lineo SAS, GKN Fokker, National Composites Centre, Ascent Aerospace, Stelia Aerospace.

“Building & Industry” which will promote composites in building, construction, shipbuilding and infrastructure, and demonstrate their numerous qualities in terms of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and design freedom. Various industry players like Baltico, Saertex, Chomarat, BioMat, Hyconnect, Hankuk Carbon, Solutions Composites will showcase their latest manufactured parts among others.

“Mobility Planet”, sponsored by Hexion, which will demonstrate the importance of composites in auto transportation, motorbikes and railway as well as in Future Mobility concepts with fleets of autonomous and/or electric or hydrogen powered vehicles that will redefine the car design. Volkswagen, Hyundai, Faurecia, Nawa Technologies, Hexion, DLR, Bcomp, Cevotec will present their newly manufactured parts among many others.

“Sports & Lifestyle” will highlight three topics: sporting goods for leisure activities or professional disciplines, aesthecially appealing lifestyle products like high-end furniture as well as healthcare products like safe and customizable sport prostethics. Products from e.g. Asics, Ottobock, Reuse Composites, Compair, Persico Marine, Circular Wastes, Greenboats, Ossur, Innegra Technologies, Sicomin will be presented on the planet.

The Innovation Planets will demonstrate all the potential and benefits of composite materials as finished products or as complementary materials in various strategic industries, and therefore constitute one of Jec World 2020’s unmissable attractions. Within the Jec, the “Innovation Planets” are showcases where OEMs and suppliers can discover the best applications for composites in their

market. In the range of parts and finished products on display and presented in the Planets, visitors can explore the solutions proposed by the composites industry for their specific problems.

The Planets also include a series of seminars and networking activities on the latest product and process trends. The last 2019 edition presented, among others, the Marine Planet in which, for example, the additive production that could revolutionize the production of nautical equipment has aroused much interest.

Composites Challenge

The Composites Challenge is the first international competition of PhDs sourced and selected for the quality of their research work in the field of composites, the Challenge: 5 minutes to pitch their thesis using 1 slide. The Competitors are PhD talents are selected from prestigious universities around the world such as: Bristol – UK, Clément Ader Institute – France, Dresden – Germany, EPFL – Switzerland, ESTACA – France, IMDEA – Spain, Kaiserslautern – Germany, Leuven – Belgium, Purdue – USA.

Startup Booster

The largest international startup competition in the composite material sector. It allows identifying the best innovations developed at world level.

it enables companies to find and assess innovations with a potential impact on their industry, as a complement to the project they may be already involved in.

Launched in 2017, Startup Booster has already fostered the emergence of 300+ innovative projects from 30+ countries, 40 finalists and 13 winners, the competition is open to entrepreneurs with innovative projects, smes and academic spinoffs, in 2 categories:

Process & Products

JEC World StartupBooster 2018

Italian winners of the competition:

-Composite Research

For an innovative and technological solution, MadFlex, for the creation of an ultra-light panel made of composite with mechanical characteristics that make it flexible on one face and resistant to the impact on the other.


With its In-K strain system, it proposes a new approach to monitoring structural health. This stand-alone solution is standardized and low cost. It measures the flow, temperature, stress and seismic activity of wireless infrastructure.

Innovation Awards

The famous celebration of the most innovative world projects and compositions and the most fruitful collaborations between the different value chains..

The JEC Innovation Awards reward the best composite breakthroughs based on their technical interest, market potential, partnerships, financial & environmental impact and originality.

Italian winners of JEC Innovation Awards

From a long list of successful entries by the Italian industry to the Jec Awards, we quote the winners of the last 4 editions:

2015 – Automotive category:

Centro Richerche FIAT and GZE have been awarded in the Reinforcements category for a new weaving and hybrid manufacturing technology.

2016- Automotive category:

Brandolph, in partnership with Continental Structural Plastics (USA), for an innovative and low-cost concept for a hood.

Automobili Lamborghini which developed a new C-SMC combination, a patented application for class A components for the automotive sector.

– Infrastructure category:

Dow Italy, in partnership with AccionaStructures (ESP), has been awarded a beacon for navigation assistance completely in composite.

2017 3D Printing category:

+ LAB – Politecnico di Milano received a prize in the 3D Printing category for “intelligent” 3D printing of composites: Atropos.

2019: SIREG won the award with Arkema in the Construction and Infrastructure category for its folding composites reinforcements for concrete.


3 Days Of High-Value Conferences

Jec Conferences – A privileged source of strategic knowledge!

Upscale your knowledge, exchange opinions and meet your peers, the Jec Conferences are made for this. A unique occasion for speakers to highlight their know-how and for the attendees to make their benchmark on the state-of-the-art composite technologies.

The Jec Conferences will take place next March 3/5

Conferences based on the latest technical developments in the composites industry. A 100% focused program on materials and processes.

5 Topics:

Eco-design, sustainability and recycling: where are they composed?

Materials for building structures: Cement and Composites: a perfect mix

Carbon: what materials and processes for the future?

Artificial Intelligence – From design to Industry4.0

Nano-reinforced fibers and materials to fill the gaps in the additive manufacturing

Education Hub

The “Education Hub” addresses young generations as well as those who want to take advantage of new professional opportunities in the industry. A Job Center is set up that brings together the schools and universities of JEC World and proposes a new program specifically developed for students, the “Students program”.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy