Saim Marine SmartPlug, total safe energy onboard


nautical technologySaim Marine, specialised in nautical components and always focused on designing innovative products for the onboard life, just presented SmartPlug®. This is a new generation socket system with related plug to take onboard electric current from the small columns on the pier. The Buccinasco (Milan) company, specialised in nautical components supply and high quality and technology marine equipments, expand its wide offer with SmartPlug®.

Electric nautical system for boats

With a surface of the plug’s pins and a plug bigger 20 times compared to traditional products, SmartPlug® reduce the overheating possibility between contacts, sometimes the cause of small fires onboard, becoming therefore an essential product for a boat.

Available in 16/32/50 Amp version, in stainless steel or in plastic resin, and in grey/black/white colours, the SmartPlug® plugs are resistant at high temperatures and are easy to install, thanks its 4 fixing points compatible with industrial standard. This socket has weatherproof seals which prevent contacts corrosion and a safe block that firmly hook the plug on the rear side of the connector.

Also the plug is designed in a strong heatproof material, and it’s equipped with two little lateral spring levers in stainless steel which make the connection easier, with an automatic stick with the socket. Two blue led on the top of the plug show the voltage presence.

Finally, to satisfy every need, the connection cables to the columns on the dock are available in several lenghts: 12,5 – 15,5 – 25 meters.