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65th Anniversary: Yamaha launch Helm Master EX

boat control system

yachts craft engines yamahaThe 1st of July Yamaha Motor celebrated its 65th anniversary.

60 years passed since the founder Genichi Kawakami made the first step into the marine sector, aiming to product innovative ouboard engines, not only strong and with great performances, but also extremely reliable on water. The new rigging system Helm Master EX proves the point, introducing a new range of cutting edge and modern functions.

Power and reliability

The travel on sea of Yamaha started with its first outboard motor P-7, and since then the brand has been an avantgarde innovator of the sector. In the next decades the company is going to produce a new series of big block engines to prove the brand reliability, eco-sustainability and power.

Yamaha offers a wide range of specialized products for the nautical sector, from the outboard motors to the innovatives WaveRunner. The company made over time several essential partnership and collaboration with famous brands and yachts, crafts, open boat and inflatable manufactures. Furthermore, Yamaha recently launched a personal vessel line production: Yamarin.

An advanced rigging system

Today the Yamaha Motor Europe is proud to announce the new Helm Master EX control rigging system, which makes boat operations both easy and enjoyable with a sophisticated array of features.

Paying close attention to professionals, fishermen, enthusiasts and also beginners, the Helm Master EX is designed to be used on single or multiple engines type, starting from 150 hp throttle control.

Another distinctive feature of this products is the installation flexibility: the system allows customers to integrate later new functionalities.

This rigging includes an elegant controller Drive-by-Wire 6X9 (DBW), a CL5 Colour Touchscreen Display easy to use, sophisticated automatic pilot functions, the Digital Electric Steering (DES) and a joystick for the boat control.

Innovations of the Helm Master EX

nautical yamaha productsOffering smoother shifting and single-function buttons for easy operation and improved overall experience, the joystick allows manoeuvers through confined areas. For multi-engine applications, it’s also possible to move the boat sideways and rotate on its axis for even more precision. The new Helm Master EX joystick also allows fine tuning of autopilot and positioning adjustments within SetPoint.

The rigging is particularly fitting for fishing enthusiasts, because they can get a great advantage from specific functions thanks to the Yamaha automatic pilot. For example, during the trawler fishing is possible to use the Pattern Shift function for slower-than-idle-speed trolling.

Moreover, the new autopilot makes the boat completely indipendent, after setting the route: once you estabilish a waypoint, the vehicle will go to that point, decelerating before reaching it, and than the system will instert the virtual anchor.

Is also possible to add the sophisticated Digital Electric Steering (DES) to any Yamaha DEC-controlled outboard for single through quad applications. Not only does this make for a more spacious cockpit area, but the full electric actuators are extremely quiet and fast.

Total control functions

Available in single- and multi-engine versions, Yamaha’s all new Drive-by-Wire 6×9 top-mount control is completely redesigned, providing greater ergonomic comfort and various new capabilities like speed control (including automatic Pattern Shift mode for slower-than-idle-speed trolling) and Neutral Hold.

display craft boat control As the CL5 model, the CL7 Multi-functional Display (MFD) improves the navigation experience, thanks to a customisable and functional touchscreen display. The user can both monitoring its boat with several advanced informations and enjoying the life onboard using the integrated GPS system.

Helm Master EX has been refined also the Electronic Key Switches and a floating keyless fob that grant automatic recognition and that operate the system in a “smart” and easy way. The all-new back-lit switch panels offer a slim, space-saving, push-button design and modern look. These new panels save critical dash space, which leaves more room for the equipment.

Every feature is customisable and are available for several engines, such as XF425, XF375, F300B, F250D e F225F, or the medium power F200G, F175C and F150G.



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