The first Frauscher electric catamaran is born. Discover TimeSquare 20

Frauscher electric catamaran

Frauscher TimeSquare electric boatIt’s called TimeSquare 20 but it has nothing to do with chaotic New York. In fact, we’re faced with an innovative – and extremely quiet – hull signed by Frauscher, an electric catamaran with a large walkable area of 20 square meters designed in every detail for total freedom of movement.

The TimeSquare 20 fascinates with innovation and surprising design: an experienced team has designed and built the catamaran around the wishes of the owners and their usage habits. The focus was on the needs of Frauscher‘s existing and potential customers. The result is a propulsion technology that makes the boat extremely maneuverable and silent.

Electric solution

The Austrian shipyard’s many years of experience in electric propulsion has led Frauscher to achieve energy savings not only through extreme solutions but above all through intelligent solutions. The TimeSquare20 is the latest successful example: by combining an electric motor with a naval platform such as the catamaran which allows less resistance to water, greater efficiency and lower energy consumption are obtained.

With TimeSquare 20, we have redefined electric boating – explains Michael Frauscher, managing director of the yard – The heart of the concept? Excellent driving characteristics with low energy requirements: we have created a refuge on the water with all the comforts you would like from. a boat,” he says.

Mauro Feltrinelli, commercial manager of Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, the sole importer in Italy of the Frauscher brand, comments:

With this new model we mark a courageous step towards the development of electric boats and pleasure craft with low environmental impact, essential to reach market segments and areas of use by now unattainable by the traditional motorboat, such as marine parks, protected basins, both in inland waters and in the sea. I would particularly like to remind you that Frauscher has built over 3,000 electric boats in its history for the inland waters of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In those places the demand has created a market. In Italy, I hope that a new sensitivity and superior products such as the TimeSquare 20 will create a new market.”

Large spaces and comfort

Whether on a cruise or at anchor, TimeSquare 20 offers an extremely generous seating area and relaxation area. The double hull design also guarantees maximum stability and an extraordinary feeling of well-being on board.

On the main deck, everything is designed to guarantee the best time on the water with friends: a refrigerator for fresh drinks with a wet bar, a canopy to shelter during the hottest hours, two large and comfortable sundecks and a high-end audio system complete the wellness experience on board. The generous use of high-end materials such as carbon fiber not only looks good but also reduces weight.

Silence and power

Two electric outboard motors with a continuous power up to 2 times 10 kW and a battery capacity of up to 30 kWh provide a very efficient propulsion that allows you to reach high speeds in total silence and to make it very easy to control the boat during the phases mooring.

TimeSquare 20 therefore offers not only a new dimension in design and comfort in the field of marine electric mobility, but also a qualitative leap in terms of efficiency and autonomy. With this in mind, the use of materials such as carbon also helps to reduce the weight of the boat, thereby increasing its performance and energy savings.