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The world premiere of two new Lomac models

lomac sport boat
sport boat
Lomac GranTurismo Cruiser 12.5 – On cover the 11.0 model

The new Lomac GranTurismo 12.5 and 11.0 Cruisers make their world debut at the upcoming Cannes Boat Show, which reopens its doors from September 7 to 12, 2021 and as usual heralds in the start of the new yachting season.

The Milan-based shipyard led for three generations by the Lo Manto family chooses the French showcase to present these new models to the public and the international press. Created to combine the need for performance, sportiness and sleek lines with the comfort and liveability of a generously sized cabin, complete with a spacious bathroom and plenty of storage space, they are designed to get the most out of weekend trips or short cruises.

More about the two sport boats

The new GranTurismo 12.5 and 11.0 Cruisers incorporate and capitalise on all the hull line development work performed for the 12.0 (which remains in the range), guaranteeing performance worthy of a great sport boat in both twin and triple engine versions.

The small but important revolution is the “decking” of the bow area, without this in any way affecting the aggressively streamlined design that is a distinctive feature of the GranTurismo family, but gaining 30% more cabin space, a more generously sized bathroom and multiple storage areas.

With the same aim in mind, the forward sun pad is fitted with a big hydraulic hatch, offering a huge additional storage area beneath. To use an automotive metaphor, they have the styling of a coupe with the space and liveability of a station wagon!

The design of the console on both models echoes the lines and styling cues introduced with the GrandTurismo family: the two boats differ only in terms of their length, while their beam and height are more generous than on the other models to provide greater protection and comfort on long crossings.

Discover Lomac at the Cannes Festival

The latest additions to the GranTurismo line extend the family of high-end boats in the Lomac range, designed for all owners who are looking for performance and sportiness, but have no intention of compromising on comfort, liveability and safety, let alone on an aggressive, streamlined look.

The Lomac GranTurismo 12.5 and 11.00 Cruisers will make their world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, stand QSP 140.


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