Getecno: maintenance free rod ends


rod end marine industryRod ends are mechanical components used for the motion transfer combined to the rotation or oscillation, with the possibility of misalignment of the pin or axle passing by the inner ring.

In the rod ends market, the corrosion resistant ones are the most suitable for the Marine Industry, where they are used as a supple connecting, canopy diving, flexible telecontrol terminal and hydraulic cylinder for steering linkages, and even on regulation flap and driving of gangways.

In powerboats the two stern drive are often linked using connecting bars with rod ends.

The most typical application is in the best systems of transmission of surface drives, where rod ends are important for smooth trimming and angle variation. With these parts, there is no need of lubrication thanks to a reinforced anti-friction liner, made of metal fabric, PTFE coated, used to keep friction rates very low.

In this way, grease contamination both of sea and near environment can be avoided.

RODOBAL components suitable for the marine environment belong to the high resistance/extra inox/maintenance free range and are manufactured in Germany. For mild, medium, or highly corrosive environments, there are three options for stainless types, featuring different degrees of corrosion resistance and therefore in each case best ratio among load capacity, corrosion resistance and cost.

AURORA rod ends, Made in USA, are manufactured with 17-4 PH stainless characteristics and high resistance to loads.

Getecno srl in Genoa, Italy is European distributor for the RODOBAL and AURORA range.