Nautical tourism, Italy at full speed

holiday on boat Italy

holiday on boat ItalySpread over the more than 8,000 beautiful kilometers of Italian coast there are 285 ports and 2,090 berths, for a total of 488,600 meters. A small treasure that makes Italy a perfect destination for nautical tourism.

Italy has overall 162,455 berths, of which 67,983 in tourist ports, 44,805 berths and 49,667 mooring points. The most copious offer is that of Liguria (24,462), followed by Sardinia (20,028), Sicily (18,777) and Tuscany (18,092). The total nautical pleasure craft registered at the Maritime Offices and Offices of the Civil Motorization are 95,611, of which 18,296 in Liguria, 15,016 in Campania and 10,238 in Lazio.

The point is made by Enit, the national tourism agency, which in these days is participating in the “Nastro Rosa Tour” as part of the “Valore Paese Italia” project to promote the seaside beauty of the Peninsula and active tourism.

In 2020 the movements of passengers embarking and disembarking in Italian ports – explains the President Enit Giorgio Palmucci – was of 32.5 million, a decrease of -51.9% compared to 2019. But soon the volumes of 2019 will be returned, when traffic total passengers equal to 67.5 million people increased by 26.9%, boarding and disembarking from ferries reached 18 million (+ 3.2%) and cruise passengers were almost 11.9 million (+ 10.2%)“.

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