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Villa D’este Style Electric Yachting 2021

electric boat event

electric boat eventVilla d’Este Style, an initiative that offers every year a selection of charming and exclusive events, is enriched by a new event dedicated to the future of electric mobility on the lake.

On Saturday, September 11th and Sunday, September 12th, Villa d’Este, the famous hotel on Como Lake, will host Villa d’Este Style – Electric Yachting, a unique event by invitation only.

This event was conceived and realized in collaboration with the Alessandro Volta Foundation, which combines an intense activity of organizing schools, seminars, scientific conferences and cultural initiatives with a new a function of connecting the academic and research world with the territory.

The other partner is Cantiere Ernesto Riva, an iconic shipyard in the Lario area that for 250 years has been building, maintaining and restoring wooden boats, sailboats, oars and motorboats, with particular attention in recent years to high-class electric models.

An event for the environment

Villa d’Este Style – Electric Yachting was born from a reflection on the need to preserve the natural beauty of our lake, so rich in charm and history, like Villa d’Este. Making lake navigation less impactful is a goal to be pursued, reconciling tradition and innovation while respecting the enchanting context in which we are lucky enough to be located” – says Giuseppe Fontana, President of the Villa d’Este Group.

This event is a unique and special meeting occasion” – adds Danilo Zucchetti, General Manager of Gruppo Villa d’Este. “The event will offer moments of in-depth analysis – with the participation of renowned experts – and discussion, providing a complete vision.”

Event program

On Saturday, September 11th, from 4 to 6 p.m., the event will host a panel discussion focused on the development of electric boating and the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the creation of the VOLT unit of measurement.

Together with Luca Levrini, President of the Alessandro Volta Foundation, Francesco Braghin, EIT Urban Mobility of Politecnico di Milano, Marco Casiraghi, Montecarlo Solar & Energy Challenge, Lucio Fregonese, University of Pavia and Andreas Schimanski, Ecocoach AG, with the moderation of Francesco Condoluci, journalist and head of the press office of the Senate of the Republic.

On Sunday, September 12th, from 10am to 12pm, there will be the presentation of a novelty of Cantiere Ernesto Riva and then the navigation of the electric boats towards Como, with a tribute to the Tempio Voltiano.

Eco-sustainable boats

Even before the pandemic, during which everyone noticed the beauty of Lake Como without waves, without noise, we had already embarked on a path of development towards the creation of eco-sustainable boats both in materials and in motorization– emphasizes Daniele Riva, owner of Cantiere Ernesto Riva. ”We are convinced that this is the way forward in both the public and private spheres, taking advantage of the collaboration between the various parties and pursuing continuous research in new technologies and navigation style.

Como and its lake – says Luca Levrini, President of the Alessandro Volta Foundationrepresent the ideal setting to accompany the development of sustainable lake mobility. The progress of this sector must necessarily be associated with a culture that strongly supports, without exception, any action in respect of nature.

The Lario is a natural candidate to be the place of all this, also because the fellow citizen Alessandro Volta loved nature, imitated it for the benefit of man, respected it in the desire to integrate with it, exactly as an electric motorboat could do today. Villa d’Este will certainly be a place of stimulus and fertile confrontation, both for its nautical tradition and for being a place whose charm and enchantment are a cultural vocation“.