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Nautical safety, anti-collision system Watchit


No more accidents at sea thanks to a new anti-collision system. It is Ferretti Group, top player in the design, construction and sale of luxury yachts and pleasure vessels, who pioneered in the use of the innovative “Watchit” system patented by Aqua Marina Tech, an Israeli company that develops advanced technology solutions for saving lives at sea.

Artificial Intelligence

Collision and running aground are two of the biggest worries for all captains and their crews. To further improve safety on their yachts, Ferretti Group will adopt  “Watchit”, a uniquely innovative and patented technology designed to warn captains of all dangers at sea, including the risk of collision. The solution processes data from existing onboard sensors in parallel with data from maps, using artificial intelligence and automatic learning algorithms to constantly assess the risk of collision and issue warnings in real time to prevent accidents at sea.
«We are very happy that Ferretti Group yachts will be the first to install our “Watchit” anti-collision technology. We decided to take up this challenge to leave a mark on the yachting sector by making navigation more of a pleasure, by reducing pointless and expensive damage, and above all by raising safety standards to save lives at sea», commented Amir Eyal, founder of Aqua Marina Tech.


Safety, which means peace of mind and relaxation, is one of the keys to the success of our yachts. Watchit is a highly innovative system that Ferretti Group will adopt on an exclusive basis, once again showing it is a step ahead of everyone in terms of the quality of the cruising experience.With this new technology, the owners, captains and crews of our fleet know they can count on an unparalleled standard of safety.”Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO


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