Fishing competitions sponsored by Lowrance

italian fishing competitions

fishing competition LowranceLowrance®, company specialized in marine electronics since 1957, will take part as main sponsor in the most important Italian fishing competitions of the 2022 season, as well as in the World Championship.

It will do so by being first and foremost alongside FIPSAS, the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing, as its official sponsor since last year.

Lowrance will make available for the podium a selection of the brand’s new fishfinders / chartplotters, equipped with the latest sonar and navigation technologies useful for professional anglers and enthusiasts of all specialties.

Ethics in sport

FIPSAS and Lowrance will promote a message on compliance with the rules in sports competitions. The competitiveness and adrenaline of competitions will always be linked to sporting ethics and respect for the environment. Starting with the protection of prey: with the adoption of catch and release, the fish, after being captured and measured, will be immediately released, without causing them any damage.

As for the freshwater world, the sponsorship of FLW Italy continues, organizing a series of Major League Fishing (MLF) championships whose winners will have access to the international division of the MLF in the USA.

The supported competitions

Below, the list of races supported by Lowrance, in chronological order:

  1. Campionato italiano Spinning Altura, 8-9-10 April 2022, Ancona
  2. Campionato italiano individuale kayak, 9 e 10 April 2022, Punta Ala
  3. Campionato assolutotraina costiera per equipaggi 22-23-24 April 2022, Porto Torres
  4. Tuna Game, 3° Raduno di Pesca Sportiva al Tonno Rosso in Drifting,24 April 2022, Riva di Traiano
  5. Campionato italiano Bass Fishing Fipsas Categoria motore a scoppio (MFL Italy), 17 18, 19 June – Lago di Garda
  6. Campionato Interlaghi Kayak fishing 2022 Trofeo Bolsena Yachting, 25 -26-27 June, Bolsena
  7. Campionato italiano Apnea outdoor, 3 e 4 September, Riva del Garda
  8. Campionato MONDIALE drifting d’altura10-17 September2022, Pescara
  9. MLF Italy ELITE Trolling Motor Championship, 24-25 September, laghi di Mantova
  10. Campionato italiano Bass Fishing Fipsas Categoria motore a scoppio (MFL Italy), 30 settembre – 1,2 ottobre, Lago di Bolsena
  11. Campionato Assoluto traina Alturaper equipaggi 1-2-3 October 2022, Reggio Calabria
  12. Assoluto Drifting per equipaggi,14-15-16 October, Trani
  13. Campionato italiano Belly boat, 22-23 October, Montecotugno