Vertus Yachts is born: the future of boating is electric

electric yacht brand
vertus yacht
Fabio Galdi
Alfonso Galdi

The world boating market has recently seen a steep increase in daycruiser and weekender boats between 24 and 50 feet in length. These are sporty, beautiful and easy-to-use boats, suitable for quick cruises, mostly powered by traditional thermal engines with limited proposals for the transition to electric.

This market segment with be the focus for Vertus Yachts as the brand prepares to offer a range of premium daycruisers, equipped with fully electric propulsion systems tailor-made for each model.

Performance and sustainability

The shipyard, following the entrepreneurial instincts of its founders Fabio and Alfonso Galdi, is launching a range of boats with efficiency and autonomy comparable to or greater than those of thermal propulsion yachts. The Vertus R&D team has already developed energy and propulsion systems that grant unique performance and features.

CEO of Vertus Yachts Fabio Galdi explains, “Our entrepreneurial experience developing innovative technologies, together with our passion for boating, positioned us to identify this undeveloped market niche in a thriving segment.

So, we decided to reimagine one of the moment’s most popular products, equipped with the propulsion of the future. We would like to become the new benchmark for electric-powered boats, just as it happened in the automotive sector, where a single startup brand led the way for all the world’s manufacturers”.

vertus yacht design
Valerio Rivellini

Vertus Yachts will have its brain in the United States and its heart in Italy. The first electric boats are destined for the American market, where the necessary infrastructure is already in place, while the production will remain in Italy to preserve the highest standards of quality. Valerio Rivellini, a yacht designer and naval engineer with several innovative projects in his portfolio, will manage the entire production cycle of the boat.

The market launch is expected in 2023 after the first model (43 feet) will touches water in the Fall of 2022.