Isyl Foundation and the Azimut|Benetti Group together for training

Azimut and ISYL agreement

The Azimut|Benetti Group signs with ISYL, as a founding member, a new protocol with the dual objective of facilitating the entry of young people into the world of employment, through a strengthened inclusion of the ITS/ISYL system in the industrial processes of yachting, and supporting the company in internal training activities.

The agreement between the most important nautical Group in the world and ISYL aims to create a training offer in line with the needs of shipyards and companies that internationalises the paths and assists in an integrated way the secondary level, the more technical level, and the university level for young nautical professionals.

Education and business in yachting

The Azimut|Benetti Group and ISYL are committed to explain to students with a synergistic action the opportunities that yachting offers since secondary school through a modern orientation intended as an accompaniment to the choice.

azimut training yacht sectorThe post-diploma courses (EQF level 5) that ITS/ISYL will offer annually will be even more in line with business needs. The Group will closely follow the training of the students, not only by participating at the teaching level, but by going to the classroom to assess the state of preparation through targeted career days.

Dedicated internships and interviews aimed at a possible recruitment following the conclusion of the ISYL diploma will be scheduled.

GIOYA – Yachting World School

The opportunity to continue their studies with integrated online/work degree courses provided by GIOYA – Yachting World School, recently established by NAVIGO, will be offered to the selected students, centre for innovation and development of yachting and ISYL to develop university courses and thus strengthen managerial skills.

The Company will support these courses by providing annual scholarships that facilitate these higher education courses both for young students and for internal staff.  In fact, the agreement provides for a close synergy also to support the Azimut|Benetti Group in the continuous training processes of its employees.

Fulfill companies and students needs

These are the key points of the agreement that ISYL and the Azimut|Benetti Group have signed at the headquarters of Villa Borbone in Viareggio, and which aims to promote the growth and international vocation of the ITS of european higher education, a fundamental action in a sector that, by nature, is already strongly cosmopolitan.

Thanks to this mutual commitment and the strengthening of the collaboration with the founding partner Azimut|Benetti Group, ISYL foresees – for the next three years of activity until 2025 – the achievement of important objectives through a closer relationship with its members and promoting coordination between the needs of companies in the sector that aims to facilitate the meeting between supply and demand and the entry into the world of work of the nautical sector at a time of strong expansion of this sector.

By joining the agreement, the Azimut|Benetti Group has access to the special “Golden International membership” that ISYL will propose to all founding members or participants from both public and private institutions in the coming months.

In addition to the collaboration of all members, ISYL is supported in the functions of ITS by the Tuscany Region and the Ministry of Education through the European Social Fund. The ISYL strategy has recently gained recognition from the territory. The Foundation has, in fact, received on loan for use the prestigious Villa Borbone from the Municipality of Viareggio and started the collaboration with the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.

Statement of Azimut|Benetti Group

 “We are excited to bring this new collaboration with the ISYL Foundation to life. We strongly believe in the importance of training in our industry, especially at a time when the market is showing strong signs of expansion that are reflected in the increase in demand. The professionalism and competence of the employees are essential characteristics to meet the needs of the market and we are proud to start this journey together with ISYL, an institute that represents a point of reference in the nautical training sector” said Marco Valle, CEO of the Azimut|Benetti Group.

Statement of ISYL

“The signing of this agreement marks a further step in the international growth of ISYL which, together with its founding partner Azimut|Benetti, launches a new program of actions increasingly aimed at preparing and training professionals with skills that can be included on construction sites and within companies in the sector as soon as the cycle of studies is completed.

A closer or coordinated relationship with the business world is of exceptional importance, knowing how to intercept the needs of the sector and to be able to calibrate and develop an adequate training offer that prepares managers and professional figures suitable to face the new challenges of a sector that is innovating in technology, production and services. In this last year, the growth of the sector has been important and sudden. On the training of staff and young people it is necessary to be prepared and have a multi-year programming that makes us able to seize the opportunities offered by a dynamic marketunderlined Vincenzo Poerio, President of Isyl.