Lowrance and Spazzapnea for the marine ecosystem’s protection

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Lowrance®, specialized in marine electronics for fishing since 1957, has always been close to sea lovers and increasingly committed to initiatives to enhance the marine environment and ecosystem. The last one will see her involved in the fourth edition of Spazzapnea – Operation clean sea bottoms.

Presented at the Eudi Show in Bologna by two Lowrance ambassador athletes, record holder Umberto Pelizzari and the president of Spazzapnea Odv Paolo Acanti, the new edition of the team diving competition for separate collection in apnea, aimed at recovering waste in the sea and on the coast.

The event will take place on Saturday 28 May 2022, from 9.30 am simultaneously in the following locations: Genoa, Venice, Marina di Pisa, Bari, Capri, Palermo.

Clean our seas

clean sea event 2022Conceived in Genoa in 2018 and now in its fourth edition, Spazzapnea will once again allow participants to transform themselves into real “sea sweepers” who will compete by diving in apnea or walking on the coasts to recover as much waste as possible, in a important initiative of raising awareness, but also of concrete activation in favor of the marine environment.

The undisputed ecological and environmental goals convinced Apnea Academy and WWF ITALIA to include the competition in the official events of the Training and Research School for scuba diving and within the #StopPlasticPollution Campaign, for the fight against plastic pollution in nature.

Sensitive to the cause, Lowrance, together with other important supporters, decided to contribute and support the Spazzapnea association throughout the country.

Roberto Sesenna, General Manager Navico Italy, comments:

We are very happy to support Spazzapnea, a healthy competition that takes care of the sea and water, the natural elements in which our instruments move. Nowadays – both on a personal and corporate level – we cannot ignore carrying out actions that look to greater attention and respect for the environment “.