Capelli TEMPEST 900 Open Empowered by Yamaha

yamaha tempest

Strengthened by the themes that have distinguished other models such as Tempest 1000 OPEN and Tempest 1000 WA, the new Tempest 900 OPEN assimilates the main concepts by re-proposing them in smaller dimensions, without sacrificing the spaces dedicated to the needs of the most demanding owners.

The deck layout fully reflects the concepts already present on the latest large models of the TOP range.

Interiors of the boat

The C-shaped stern sofa is delimited by stringers which, through comfortable integrated backrests, guarantee spacious and comfortable seats, for navigating in complete safety.

A standard, removable table is provided, which can be easily stored inside stowage lockers. The solarium area can be expanded by choosing the accessory of the additional aft sundeck.

Alternatively, it is possible to install a fixed table (OPT), which can be folded down by means of a hydraulic mechanism, which also acts as a support for the included aft sundeck cushion.

In both cases, the completion of the solarium area allows you to enjoy an area of 3 square meters of relaxation. In the bench we find a comfortable seat for two people complete with backrest and adjustable tilting in two positions.

By flipping the hatch where the seat is integrated towards the bow, you have access to a generously sized sink equipped with a suitable cutting board and worktop.

The bench set-up is completed by a cup holder and telephone holder. Among the options, we find a refrigerator with a capacity of 65 liters installed facing the stern of the boat.

Smooth navigation

The central console has been designed to ensure ample installation space for the on-board instrumentation and optimal protection during navigation even in rough sea conditions, thanks also to the large windshield.

As with the other boats in the Tempest range, driving ergonomics was a focal point for the development of this area: the rudder, accelerator lever, switches and instruments are easily usable both from a standing position and from a sitting position.

The dashboard accommodates up to two 12 ”displays, in addition to the radio (Optional), engine instrument and utility switches. On the upper part of the console, two lowered open compartments have been created for storing objects and personal effects. The front of the console is characterized by a large seat that can accommodate two people.

Features of Tempest 900 OPEN

The main novelty of Tempest 900 OPEN is the presence of a door facing the bow, perfectly integrated into the line of the console and hidden through the large seat cushions, which allows access to an area below deck.

The area can be used as a full-height stowage locker or, alternatively, it can be fitted with a marine toilet (complete with dedicated black water tank), internal mirror in A-look, washbasin top in Corian, complete glass washbasin tap, flexiteek tread lining and storage pockets. This option allows you to have a complete and functional cabin for the typical needs of a day-cruiser.

Moving towards the bow, we find a generous sunbathing area that can be expanded through an additional (Optional), reaching a total area of 3.5 square meters. The large bow locker can be dedicated to the stowage of bulky luggage and on-board equipment.

In analogy to Tempest 1000 OPEN, the bow area is completed by a large fiberglass roller dedicated to the installation of the winch and the anchor locker. The generously sized walkable surface allows it to be easily used as a landing platform even for the highest docks.

Powerful engines

As for the engine, the Tempest 900 OPEN sees installed a powerful engine with a dynamic look, Yamaha XTO 425 V8, the outboard that combines unmatched power, torque and speed with cutting-edge technology and performance.

With 4-stroke direct injection and integral electronic steering linked directly to Yamaha’s Helm Master® system, the XTO also enables a new level of thrust, torque and reverse speed.

yamaha motors on tempest 900

Alongside the single-engine version, you can choose to install a double Yamaha engine with a maximum power of 500 hp. The stern planks were also made in two different versions: single-engine version and twin-engine version.

This made it possible to obtain a greater width for the single-engine dashboard, which reaches a maximum width of 720 mm, compared to 420 mm for the twin-engine dashboard.

Among the noteworthy options we mention the T-Top, a distinctive element of the latest boats in the Tempest range. The new steel structure allows more space to be left for side passages and gives the deckhouse a more slender line.

Thanks to the extenders positioned under the T-Top it is possible to install an awning hooked to two carbon poles installed in the stern area of the stringers.