B&G and Simrad Yachting with H2Boat at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo

Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo

The Simrad Yachting and B&G brands have announced that they will be alongside H2Boat at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo, a fair dedicated to state-of-the-art technologies, components and solutions for charging, electric and hybrid marine propulsion, which takes place on the 21st, 22 and 23 June in Amsterdam.

Simrad Yachting will make its tools available to the partner: a start-up focused on the research and development of energy systems mainly based on the use of hydrogen, and which has become known for having built an innovative Energy Pack that produces energy using hydrogen.

In particular, two simulators will be present at the fair. That of a sailboat with B&G instrumentation and that of a motorboat with Simrad instrumentation, which reproduce a real dashboard and which uses advanced Command technology to collect all the information and control the utilities of the boat in an integrated way.

H2Boat technology on board

H2BOAT PRESEIDENTThe product supplied by H2Boat is composed of different components – explains Thomas Lamberti, president of H2Boat and that is a hydrogen generator (electrolyser), a hydrogen tank (in metal hydrides) and a current generator (cell to fuel), which operate automatically alongside a battery.

It goes without saying that since there are so many innovative components, operation is complex. Our goal, together with the Navico group, is to simplify the use of these tools on board as much as possible to make the user experience simple and pleasant.

The idea is to integrate our on-board instruments in the most user-friendly way possible, in an environment in which customers already recognize themselves, that is, on a B & G @ panel or on a Simrad instrument. The ease of use of our product is what we want to show at the fair. And we will do it thanks to our two partners“.

Environment friendly

navico yachtRoberto Sesenna, Navico General Manager adds: “The collaboration with H2Boat is very important to us because we both aim at technological development to protect the environment. The integration is not only aimed at on-board systems, but also extends to an upper floor that involves nature and emissions.

Not only through the LCA – Life Cycle Assessment – which allows us to quantify the potential environmental impacts of our products and therefore try to minimize them – but also through the use of on-board systems in the most efficient way possible, thanks to the knowledge of H2Boat. The vision of the future that closely unites our brands and H2Boat is certainly environmental friendly “.