Cecchi Gustavo: bonding sheet metal and metals, repairing corrosion and impact leaks


At Cecchi Gustavo Srl, in addition to updating product lines among epoxy systems such as 10 10 CFS and ET 108, a product is finding more and more room for application: ET 40, which offers the possibility of bonding sheet metal and metals – even non-primed ones – also with the coupling of different materials.

Tightness of over 200 kg/cm2 at ambient temperatures reaches over 300 kg/cm2 when subjected to light post-firing stabilization. The product is also used for repairs of sheet metal corrosion and impact leaks: within hours the new sheet metal allows ideal integration with the support.

An interesting example
On the corrosions of the Aisi 316 stainless steel shaft of a 27-foot “sail,” ET 40 was used as a filler for the small cavities and then wet-sanded with brazed paper to confirm the perfect homogeneity of the profile.

The procedure did not restore the axle to its original mechanical seal, but it did stop corrosion due to ET 40’s ability to bond directly to metals. Today, after 7 years, it is still in perfect condition.

ET 40 is also ideal for bonding metal or resin reinforcement mounts to aluminum or carbon shafts when, in refitting, it is necessary to redo fitting connections or for new rigging.

The product is also available in cartridge with mixer and ensures perfect operation even in small recesses, easily solving any sealing problem.