Engineered antivibration systems for on-board vibro-acoustic comfort


Mechanical vibrations, as well as shocks and structure-borne noise, are among the biggest problems for comfort on board, both in yachts and passenger ships.

The wide range of anti-vibration systems offered by Pantecnica® for the nautical sector, also certified in the tear-proof version, can satisfy every application requirement to improve comfort on board.

On-board vibro-acoustic comfort: the problem

In order to achieve this ambitious objective, it is necessary to isolate and dampen the vibrations and noises originated by on-board operating auxiliary machinery, such as:

  • Structure-borne noise: any vibrating device transmits mechanical energy to every structure to which it is connected;
  • Airborn noise which propagates to adjacent rooms.

On-board vibro-acoustic comfort: solutions


The decoupling of the inner hull from the outer one is an important issue for yacht builders. Pantecnica® Box-in-Box systems significantly reduce vibrations and absorb structural airborne noise: the floor and sides of the hull are suspended with vibration-damping PU strips, which isolate the inner hull from the outer one.

PU Vibrafoam pad to improve acoustic comfort on board


Vibration isolation of on-board power supplies is a must to reduce wave propagation and increase comfort. Whenever, in addition to mechanical vibrations, you want to reduce the associated structural noise, a high-damping isolator is recommended.


Fans, extractors and ventilation units can be very unpleasant when you are moored in a bay or harbour. Even when they are switched on at low power, the noise can run quickly and reach our ears, disturbing our sleep at night even when the direct noise is dampened due to the structure-borne noise. A ceiling-mounted smoke extractor combined with a PU pad can improve acoustic comfort on board, preventing structure-borne noise from spreading.

Technical application know-how for shipbuilding industry

ISODAMPER for application on military ships and FREMM-class frigates

These elements, consisting of an AISI 304 steel wire spring with peculiar characteristics and qualities, have high elastic deflections that allow them to achieve low natural frequencies and high degrees of insulation of instruments, GPS, engines, generators.

ISOTOP DZE for installation on yachts, mega yachts and ships

Vibration dampers designed to withstand and control vertical compression and tear stress, and within certain limits even in shear. They have natural frequencies between 6.6 and 10.3 Hz, and are suitable for installation on yachts, mega yachts and ships.

TRIFLEX-2 for insulation of machines and engines

Vibration dampers, with an elastomer body vulcanized directly onto steel parts, designed to control vibrations on three axes with three different degrees of stiffness. They are internally protected against jolts, shocks and overloads for insulation of machines and engines.

Silentflex resistant to oxidation and aggressive environments

Insulator-dampers with capable of working both in traction and compression. They are made entirely of metallic materials (including the AISI 304 stainless steel wire cushion) which are resistant to oxidation and aggressive environments, and guarantee absolute fire resistance without toxic emissions.