Antonini Navi and Sculli studio introduce the new full-custom XPD88

new antonini navi yacht

Antonini Navi announced a new collaboration with the Sculli architecture firm for the construction of XPD88, a 28-meter full-custom expedition yacht, in parallel with the 40-metre UP 40 platform currently under construction.

This full-custom project, inspired by the creativity of architect Mauro Sculli, was designed to meet the specific needs of the owner in every detail, who has chosen the experience of Antonini Navi.

Sculli Studio specializes in the design of high-end expedition yachts and, since the 90s, it has collaborated with some of the most important shipyards around the world and has contributed to the launch of many well-known units in the superyacht market, characterized by strong personality and extreme design.

Antonini Navi and Sculli studio   introduce the new full-custom XPD88

Yachts made-to-measure

Antonini Navi proves it has a winning business formula,” said Simone Antonini, the shipyard’s CEO.

The XPD88 completes and realizes the promise we made at the launch of the shipyard, which included the production of full custom yachts, entirely made-to-measure. The latter joins the offer of a line of superyachts, of which the 40-meter platform is currently under construction, and the construction of a boat for third parties, which, only a few months ago, saw the delivery of three hulls and related metal superstructures.

Furthermore, this new project is the result of the creativity of a designer who was introduced to us by the client and with whom we have never worked before, reflecting the great flexibility of Antonini Navi.

Italian pleasure yacht

Features of the XPD88 yacht

Made entirely of steel, the yacht is 28 metres in length overall and will be registered as a pleasure boat. The XPD88 is characterised by generous volumes – unusual for a yacht with a beam of 8.5 metres – and striking style.

This pleasure craft, designed to experience the sea and the slow-cruising experience, features environments typical of larger yachts, such as the large aft workshop/garage, the laundry and ironing room and a cold room adjacent to the kitchen area, and still offers spacious crew quarters.

The owner will have a dedicated deck, the upper one, with well-defined and distinct paths for the crew to offer maximum privacy for guests on board. The project also boasts three propulsion solutions, in addition to the traditional diesel one.

It will be possible to choose a diesel-electric hybrid engine, promoting environmental sustainability and, at the same time, bringing long-term economic benefits.

A project with strong personality

The XPD88 is an ambitious and atypical project with a strong personality,” commented Aldo Manna, partner and sales manager at the La Spezia shipyard.

My long experience in the construction and sale of explorer and expedition yachts in northern Europe has guided me to make an active contribution to the development of the project, along with our engineering department and Mauro Sculli, the architect.

The XPD88 will open up a new market for Antonini Navi, that of metal pleasure boats, which have seen exponential growth in recent years, especially abroad.  I am confident this project will be the first of a long series.