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Ferretti Group trains young people with its Scuola dei Mestieri

scuola dei mestieri

The yachting industry is experiencing a period of rapid expansion and there is growing demand for professional resources who have the necessary technical training and know-how.

The Scuola dei Mestieri, Ferretti Group‘s project for 18- to 25-year-olds that ended on Tuesday June 6th, works to satisfy this demand by training a new generation of skilled workers.

Aiming at promoting nautical profession

Much more than an extra-curricular internship for career guidance, the Scuola dei Mestieri bridges the gap between the worlds of school and work, aiming to rediscover and promote the value of increasingly forgotten yet noble professions such as those based on know-how and expertise.

The goal of this project is to lay the groundwork for a professional training course that combines theory and experience in the shipyard – in a programme ranging from sessions in the classroom and workshop to on-the-job training in production departments – with the aim of creating real career opportunities.

From theory to action: as of June 12, deserving students will be hired with contracts of employment.

An incubator of young resources

The first edition of the course launched to train carpenters involved a total of 500 hours from March to June 2023, initially at the “Don Bosco” Professional Training Centre in Forlì, an important institution in the heart of the city, and concluding with on-the-job training within the Company.

In Ferretti Group’s vision, in fact, the Scuola dei Mestieri is an incubator of young resources ready to develop advanced skills in the framework of the Group’s shipyards. After this first stage in Forlì, Ferretti Group’s Scuola dei Mestieri will move to Sarnico and Mondolfo, where it will involve more young people in the new project.

nautical school

The closing ceremony was attended by students on the course and their teachers, as well as by Ferretti Group representatives Matteo Cecada, Chief Technical & Operations Officer, and Andrea Brasini, Chief HR & Organization Officer, together with Francesco Crispino, Forlì Plant Director Stefano Amici and yard manager Alberto Vanicelli. Also attending the event were former yard manager Guiliano Guidi and former line foreman Loris Zanchini, plus Luca Carugati and Luca Baroni representing Cnos Fap Salesiani – Aeca, Giuseppe Tartaglia and carpentry teacher Massimo Boschi.

In the words of one of the students on the course: “It was an extremely positive experience that put me to the test, giving me the opportunity to learn skills in a very stimulating environment and to gain confidence in myself”.

All the students received certificates from both the company and the Emilia-Romagna regional administration, as well as a prized Scuola dei Mestieri miniature bollard.