TEBUL, the watertight bulkhead sliding door


Tebul Oyrepresented by Mistral, has been designing and manufacturing watertight bulkhead sliding doors since 1961.

Their self-tightening watertight bulkhead sliding door is a fourth-generation product and it is a real PLUG&PLAY product.

The product in details

The door unit, consisting of the door blade, door frames, fully electric transmission mechanism, control device and associated cables, is delivered as a compact unit ready to be installed.

No hydraulic pipe work or re-tightening are needed and the risk of distortions is almost zero. The door is delivered completely tested, approved and class certified as well as mounted, wired and ready for immediate and easy installation.

The primary self-tightening is based on metal-to-metal contact with rubber seals for initial tightening. The higher the pressure, the larger the force exerted on the door.

Tebul’s door are approved to be installed into A60 bulkhead and are also available in the Eex-version, for Explosion Hazardous areas.

Tebul: target and catalogue
With more than 4,000 watertight bulkhead sliding doors delivered over the years, Tebul’s impressive reference list includes all types of ships: cruises, yachts, ferries, offshore and research vessels.

Established in 1942, Tebul Oy has been designing and manufacturing watertight bulkhead sliding doors since 1961 contributing to the marine safety.