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project sail the children

Sail the Children, the solidarity-based educational project conceived by Davide Besana – writer, illustrator, lifelong sailor, regatta winner, and beloved for his sailing and cooking comics – and the Italian Naval Association, has been proceeding full sail ahead.

teaching the art of sailing

The initiative aims to involve boys and girls from Save the Children’s Punti Luce, high-density educational day care centers that spring up in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods and suburbs of cities to provide free training and educational opportunities for boys, girls and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 17.

Goals of Sail the Children: the enhancement of these young people’s self-esteem, teamwork, trust in institutions and civil society through teaching the rudiments of the art of sailing and drawing.

Another exciting sailing abroad Midva

After his last year’s success, since early July Besana has been embarking on a journey in the Tyrrhenian Sea of more than 2,000 miles with his sailboat Midva. During the crossing, he has already met more than 100 boys and girls in Ventotene, Naples, Tropea and Catania, teaching them what he knows best, which is painting and sailing.

midva boat

Today Davide met the boys of Save the Children’s Punti Luce and Palermo’s Port Authority at the Pontile di Lega Navale Italiana ‘Oltre le Barriere – Alla Cala’. Together, they will live intense experiences, the kind that leave a mark. They will sail aboard Midva and attend a drawing workshop at Italian Naval Association’s headquarters.

I care deeply about this project. This is because I have at heart the many boys and girls of Save the Children and Italian Naval Association’s Punti Luce for whom I organize workshops, teach the fundamentals of drawing and comics, and to whom I transfer the basic rules of safety at sea, environmental protection and respect, and the main concepts of sailing. I provide Midva to make them sail alongside me, instilling in them the pleasure of teamwork, comparing our experiences and sharing, as was the case last year, many moments of smiles and lightheartedness.Davide Besana
Davide Besana
Davide Besana

Special acknowledgement to the sponsors who, alongside the many private donors, enabled the initiative to set sail: Kinder, Harken, Osculati, PiratinViaggio, BankSails, VennVind, and to Wacom for the pen display made available to Davide Besana.