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Antonini Navi delivers a new 55-metre hull and superstructure built for a third party

Antonini Navi

Production continues without a break at the hub in the Gulf of La Spezia operated by Antonini Navi, the superyacht yard founded in 2019 by the owners of the historic Gruppo Antonini Spa, an operator with over 70 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sector and an order book worth more than €150 million.

In fact, a hull and superstructure made entirely of light alloy has just recently been handed over to a major Italian shipyard. Built on schedule between November 2022 and July 2023, the hull is 55 metres long and 9 metres in the beam, with a gross tonnage of 499 GT.

yacht refit

Our capacity to build yachts for famous international brands is an opportunity to gain unique experience and show the market our real capability and potential. In the last three years, we’ve built five steel and aluminium units from 45 to 58 metres, including both the metal structures and the pre-fitted parts.Simone Antonini, Antonini Navi CEO

Yacht refit and construction

Antonini Navi is specialised in the construction of full-custom superyachts in collaboration with yacht designers and is currently building a 45-metre M/Y “on spec”, which will have “Antonini Navi” branding and be named “ISLAND”. It was designed by Fulvio De Simoni and is based on the UP40 platform for units between 40 and 45 metres.

With over 33 thousand square metres of yards and 4,200 square metres of covered areas, the shipyard is also a choice for many players in this industry that prefer to contract out their construction work. It has four “slots” of which three are currently occupied by new yachts under construction, while the fourth is being held ready following negotiations with various customers.

Italian shipyard

Refit business too is strong and steady. Since 2019, over 20 routine and extraordinary maintenance operations have been carried out on yachts from 20 to 80 metres. With experience in refit operations, Gruppo Antonini has worked on some important historic vessels over the years, including the Italian Navy’s famous Amerigo Vespucci training ship.

The company draws on the expertise of over 250 employees and boasts a wealth of technical know-how in engineering, design, construction, fitting-out and maintenance that represents one of its points of strength.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy