Foresti & Suardi gets ready for METS


Today, thanks to the new headquarters in Adro, the research and passion that distinguish Foresti & Suardi – which specializes in the design and processing of metals, stainless steel-aluminum and brass – are also on stage in the heart of Franciacorta.

What products/solutions are you presenting this year?

Foresti & Suardi is presenting itself at METS with many new products: first of all, the Versari Collection line, a historical Versari Delmonte line that Foresti & Suardi, after the acquisition, revisited and included in its catalog.

As usual, Foresti & Suardi worked to add new products in all lines:

  • Inoxline; hinges and bollards.
  • Lightdesign; numerous new-generation spotlights
  • Nautical accessories; locks of various kinds
  • Watertech; the new line signed Tonino Lamborghini will be presented.

What do you specialize in?

Our company specializes in the design and processing of metals, stainless-aluminum and brass; everything is made in-house according to Made in Italy criteria.

What is your target audience?

We have been producing nautical accessories for all shipyards for more than 60 years. It should be noted that in recent years market demand has been more pronounced for medium to large boats.

Do you provide for customizations? What are the most frequent requests?

Today there are more and more requests on customizations of various products both technical and Design.

Do you have plans/forecasts for the near future?

For the future, we intend to continue on the path we have taken, aimed primarily at innovation and line expansion, with the aim of offering better and better services to our customers.