Fastmount’s innovative carpet clips: revolutionizing marine flooring maintenance


Fastmount, a leading company from New Zealand renowned for its hidden panel mounting systems, introduces the groundbreaking Carpet Clips as part of its Textile Range, transforming the landscape of marine flooring maintenance. Constructed from durable polycarbonate, these clips excel beyond traditional metal alternatives by remaining cool to the touch, even under scorching sun, prioritizing safety for barefoot passengers.

Unlike conventional metal clips, the Fastmount Carpet Clip offers unparalleled functional flexibility, enabling boat owners to effortlessly lift the carpet for cleaning or replacement without risking any damage. Its ingenious design ensures hassle-free upkeep, establishing it as an indispensable accessory for both safety-conscious and convenience-seeking boat owners.

With a female component securing the carpet with four wings tightened onto its underside, and two male components – a screw fix version for fibreglass or aluminium decks, and an adhesive option for painted or fibreglass surfaces – clipping it into place is straightforward.

Removal for routine maintenance or replacement is simplified using the recommended tool to lift the carpet off the male clip. Bid farewell to the discomfort of hot metal and embrace an elevated boating experience with Fastmount Carpet Clips.