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Cloud Energy: a unique solution for the Digitisation of Marinas


The main strength of CloudEnergy lies in its uniqueness: this platform for marine digitisation is unparalleled in the industry.

It goes far beyond simple automatic meter reading of consumption from the columns, or the ability for end customers to pay by credit card, and instead also manages:

  • access to services (restrooms, showers, pools, parking, docks);
  • recharging of boats and electric cars;
  • lighting of the columns to illuminate the marina walkway without the need for a dedicated power line and twilight switch;
  • many other services customized to the client’s needs.

This list of services, which may seem very basic individually, takes on new value with CloudEnergy: the solution connects and digitizes them all on a single marina cloud solution.

Multi-platform app and multiple profiles

Marco Colli, COO of CloudEnergy.

Thanks to a multi-platform and multilingual app, usable on any technological device (Android or Apple smartphones, tablets, PCs…), it is possible to create access accounts for different people in the same family, but also for the captain, the owner, any guests on board, and so on.

This allows multiple users to access various services simultaneously, transparently, and autonomously, while allowing the captain to monitor the boat’s consumption in real-time on the cloud in a precise and constant manner.

Technology is all the more powerful the more invisible it is,” commented Marco Colli, COO of CloudEnergy. “For example, we don’t want end customers to necessarily have to carry a Smartphone to access services, so we thought of a convenient wearable bracelet solution.”

Customer services (Marinas)
CloudEnergy provides a complete software + hardware solution: namely smart charging columns that connect to the internet automatically, without the marina needing to download a specific online program. The cloud allows all objects to communicate and end customers to monitor the solution and contact the marina from wherever they are. Installation can be performed by any technician, as it only requires connecting the electrical part. Additionally, the company provides training:

• for marinas, a 2 to 4-hour course is offered;

• end users can find and download a multilingual manual with very intuitive instructions in the app.

Emergency support

CloudEnergy is available for marina support 7 days a week,  with constant availability: a unique offering in the European market.

The entire system is easily monitorable at any time, and its advantageous results can be tracked by anyone with access to the platform.

Diagnostics allow for timely intervention in case of malfunctions or irregularities: for example, if there is an attempt to steal electricity by outsiders, the platform immediately alerts the marina and the end user, cutting off the supply instantly.

Efficiency and privacy protection

The marina cloud solution speeds up accounting processes with real-time data collection and management, also thanks to automatic marina accounting integration. This offers significant assistance for invoice preparation at any time.

It also inherits the entire customer directory from the accounting system, so clients are automatically registered: all this while ensuring significant process efficiency and privacy protection. Personal data is always protected: clients are identified with codes, and even in the case of credit card payments, CloudEnergy uses a partnership with Nexi (so it never directly accesses the information).

The platform is open and based on standard protocols, so its performance is constantly improving and evolving: for example, new sensors for boat control and onboard safety are currently being studied.

Furthermore, because the solution works in the cloud, all customers, old and new alike, automatically receive every app update.


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