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Mimma Moda, a reality from Foligno (Perugia) specializing in tailoring and embroidery for brands in the clothing sector, combines a […]

What is a hybrid marine engine? Let’s see its advantages and how to choose the right one As the world […]

At this year’s EUROPORT 2023 exhibition, Italian company ICEL exhibited “green” solutions -such as shore-socket switchboards or Shore Connection – […]

Black Friday Week 2023 from Tecniche Nuove is here!   This week, November 20-27, everything on the Tecniche Nuove e-commerce […]

Imagine being able to 3D shape inflatable marine sport and leisure products without complex tooling or high start-up costs: the possibilities […]

Inglas Vetri produces curved glass and glass doors for boats, and guarantees products corresponding to the highest quality and safety […]

New Zealand-based Fastmount, manufacturer of hidden panel mounting systems, has launched the carpet clips for boat decks as part of […]

Today, thanks to the new headquarters in Adro, the research and passion that distinguish Foresti & Suardi – which specializes in […]

A new kit is born to electrify recreational and professional boats with endothermic engine and shaftline transmission in a simple, […]

Stay up-to-date on all the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the boating industry: get a free digital subscription to […]