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Sikaflex®-591 is a multipurpose sealant based on Sika’s Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) technology. With its excellent resistance against the harsh […]

Nowadays, it is difficult for a professional of the nautical world to have never heard of foils. But do we […]

Cima1915 Group has just announced the achievement of a major milestone: the launch of Deigma Barca Zero, present at the […]

In the new era of Industry 4.0, ICEL is steering a transformative change in the maritime sector with PanelGest, a platform […]

Tebul Oy, represented by Mistral, has been designing and manufacturing watertight bulkhead sliding doors since 1961. Their self-tightening watertight bulkhead sliding door […]

Nine technological solutions aiming at sustainability and inclusion, all to be tried out. A rich calendar of open experiences, meetings and […]

Sups, pools, platforms, kayaks, foil boards… EDR Marine‘s product catalog is extensive and customizable. Designed and tested in Italy and […]

In the latest generation of digital yachts and boats of the present time and the future, LINAK gives an important […]

Volvo, with the participation of Volvo Penta and Volvo Trucks, in collaboration with the association Rea – Reagire alla Violenza […]

The 2023 edition of JEC World, which will take place in Paris April 25-27, is approaching. In March, the Innovation […]