Land Rover BAR team uses AI to build a faster sailing boat for the America’s Cup

americas-cup-land-rover-barA group of engineers have been using artificial intelligence (AI) to build a faster sailing boat for the British Land Rover BAR team so that they could win the America’s Cup..
“Land Rover’s AI could prove the difference in its bid to win the America’s Cup for the first time for Britain,” said Sir Ben Ainslie, Land Rover BAR Team’s principal and skipper.
The engineers worked for more than a year, applying their big data processing power and machine learning expertise to find patterns in the boat’s performance data which could be used to make it go faster.
During the testing, the sailing team received over 16GB of data per day from sensors opportunely placed on the boat: the ability to process such a great amount of data is unprecedented in sailing.
“Something that would have taken weeks can now be achieved instantaneously thanks to Land Rover’s computing power and real-time analysis,” the company said.