Nautica Italiana welcomes four new associates

GetAttachmentThe association for the nautical industry in Italy, founded a year ago, is now counting 67 members. The companies who are associated with Nautica Italiana employ about 4500 employees and 15000 operators in the satellite activities, creating a total value of the production of 1500 million euro.
The four new associates are:

Amare Group
Amare Group is specialized in stainless steel and aluminium processing techniques for luxury boat manufacture. Their high-quality products showcase modern design and attention to safety measures, and they have acquired influential clients in the Middle East, Asia, USA, Russia and Europe. They have come to produce a range for boats from 14 to 200 m in length. Investing every year in a new product, they guarantee their presence in the most important navigation showrooms worldwide.

Bellotti has been working in the industry of wood and its by-products since 1927 both on the domestic and international market. Bellotti’s products are multifunctional and able to assure a diversified use. Their studies and a continuous research on high technology and specialist materials, together with the expertise of their sales network fit the needs of many major firms. Leader in manufacturing special plywood, assembled with pioneer and technological materials and specializes in selling timber and semi-finished products coming from all over the world.

Maori Yacht
The Maori Yacht shipyard was founded in 2007 in Olbia and created with a new concept of experiencing the sea. Uniting the sailing abilities of sailing boats and the versatility of the motorboats, an independent project was born: the design and production of innovative and contemporary luxury yachts and day-cruisers with excellent performances and wide possibilities for customization. 29 vessels have been launched by Maori Yacht , including the innovative Maori 54 e Maori 62ft and some +30-metre custom yacht projects.

Organizzazione Leasing
Organizzazione leasing srl was born in 2014 to cope with new regulations on the financial intermediation and to increase the range of services together with the preexisting organization (active since 1982), and the S.a.f. srl. The company works both in the intermediation and in the leasing for all economical sector, with special attention to the nautical industry, for both long and short term financing. It will offer financial and insurance consultancy services to the members of Nautica Italiana.