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SAIM Marine introduces QS Seamaster

thruster and propellers boat

thruster and propellers boatAs revealed in a previous article on our website, SAIM Marine starts the new season with  a breaking news: the Italian company introduces a new range of thrusters which will be named QS Seamaster.

A partnership for a new great product

Designed according to the technical specifications of SAIM Marine, a major supplier for the main Italian boatbuilders, QS Seamaster is exclusively manufactured by Quick Spa, an international leader in the production of marine equipment and technological on board accessories.

The QS-Seamaster range is 100% made in Italy and includes by now a complete range of thrusters: DC electric thrusters, AC 3PH, DC-AC brushless, hydraulic, tunnel or retractable thrusters, ON/OFF and proportional (only proportional for the DC-AC burshless).

Feautures of the thruster

All models are manufactured with high-resistant components which ensure long-life oil tightness of the bronze gear leg. The hydrodynamic profile of the gear leg is designed to reduce turbulence, to enhance efficiency and reduce the noise level. The 4 or 5 blade propellers are built in composite material or in NiBrAl and designed to ensure the highest performance and efficiency from each motor.

A control system, equipped with a microprocessor, is activated in advance in case of motor overheating without suddenfly interrupting the thruster use while ensuring its operation. The aluminium anodic protection can be easily replaced while the unique-design flexible coupling protects the thruster structure from mechanical shocks.

More details of the products

Electric thrusters

boat technology
Motor controller

The QS range of electric DC thrusters features 40 to 300 kgf thrust, 2,3 to 15 kW power, 12 to 48 V, single or double counter-rotating propellers for the models exceeding 4 kW and are suitable for boats from 8 to 30 m. All models can be proportional or ON/OFF. The ON/OFF models can be transformed into proportional in both analogic and digital version with CAN-bus protocol.

The QSA range includes AC electric thrusters, 3PH with thrust from 240 to 1100 kg, power from 15 to 75 kW. The thrusters feature double counter-rotating propellers which can be in composite or NiBrAl starting from the 300 kg thrust version. Suitable for boats from 18 to 50m, they feature standard proportional control.


The QSB range, proportional propellers without brushes or brushless, is equipped with the cutting-edge technology of 12/24/48V brushless electric motors. Extremely efficient with low operating consumption, minimized noise and maintenance, the three models feature thrust from 105 to 300 kg, double counter-rotting propellers and are suitable for boats from 12 to 30m. Proportional control is standard, with analogue or digital control.

Retractable and hydraulic thrusters

The QSH hydraulic thruster range is suited to medium to large vessels, from 10 to 45 m, with thrust ranging from 105 to 1100 kg, power from 8 to 60 kW and is one of the most complete on the market. The QSA thrusters feature double counter-rotating propellers in composite or NiBrAl, proportional as standard, with digital control which can be integrated with other systems. High-quality components and compact and large tanks make the QSH range one of the top hydraulic maneuvering systems on market.

The QSR retractable thrusters can be both DC electric and hydraulic. The range includes four models with thrust from 80 to 240 Kg, power from 4,5 to 10 kW, with 12 or 24 V. They feature double counter-rotating propellers and are suitable for boats from 10 to 25 (especially sailing boats). In the DC version they can be provided in ON/OFF configuration only.

QS Seamaster, cutting edge technology

qs control tachnologyQS Seamaster provides an exclusive range of control systems: ON/OFF analogue and pushbutton, single or double joystick, analogue proportional for stand alone installations and digital proportional for multiple installations. They have been designed and tested to withstand different climatic and environmental conditions.

Developed according to SAIM and Quick experience, QS Seamaster combine advanced technology with the best ever tested materials. QS Seamaster thrusters were designed to easily replace other thrusters (f.i. Side Power thrusters). All models are protected from reverse polarity, output short circuit, prolonged activity of the thrusters and the interruption of control wiring.



SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy