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Lalizas: every bad situation has some good aspect to it

merine production be positive 2020

merine production be positive 2020Lalizas, company specialised in marine accessories, safety equipment and miscellaneous items productions, today celebrates 20 years from a very unpleasant, but milestone, event.

In 2000, LALIZAS had 50 employees, 1 factory and 4 branches all over the world, when a disastrous fire broke out at its premises and destroyed everything.

That event was the trigger for the rebirth of LALIZAS, which years later resulted to its further development, owning 6 brands, 6 factories, 10 branches, 8 logistic centers and 7 franchises, having 650 employees.

The company comments: “In LALIZAS, we keep on saying that our people is our strength. We know that with personal effort, strong commitment, team work and most importantly by stepping out of our comfort zone, great things can happen.

In Greece, we say “Every bad situation has some good aspect to it”; what we only need to do is to look for it and turn hard lucks into success stories”

For this reason, Lazilas has prepared a video-tribute which they wanted to share, proving that When a person has a vision, strength will inevitably derive from the soul.