Cruise around the world with the Rivellini Extended Explorer

rivellini mega yacht for cruising

mega yacht interiorsValerio Rivellini confirms his extraordinary inventiveness with a highly original concept, a natural meeting point between seemingly distant souls, which represents a further step forward in his stylistic research.

With a length of 56 meters, the Extended Explorer is a technological, modern luxury Explorer, with military-derived features which enable it to sail in total comfort in all weather and sea conditions, perfect for long cruises in different geographical areas.

Live an adventurous cruise in luxury

The water lines, storage capacity and on-board technology make this project the ideal yacht for anyone wishing to undertake adventurous yet comfortable cruises, perhaps with the idea of discovering unexplored landscapes. Rivellini, naval engineer and yacht designer who has been at the helm of the homonym studio since 2009, explains how it all began:

Like many of my other projects, Extended Explorer is the upshot of the desire to make a dream come true: this superyacht was designed for families who want to cruise around the world, alternating between landscapes that are totally different to one another from every point of view, starting with the climate and the sea.

While Extended Explorer’s stability and robustness enable it to tackle the icy seas of the North in total safety and comfort, the exterior spaces are ideal for fully enjoying the warmer seas, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, thanks to their breadth and versatility, which are further enhanced by the extendable stern”.

The Main and Upper Decks

rivellini cruise yachtOne of the main features of the project is precisely the stern area of the Main and Upper Decks, where we find a further innovation: thanks to a single extendable platform, the surface area of two decks can be modified and expanded at the same time.

The stern of the Upper Deck, once opened, can be used as a sunbathing and relaxation area with chaise-longues on both sides of the yacht, with a conversation area towards the stern ─ furnished with sofas and armchairs ─ and, finally, a practical and welcoming dining area amidships.

At the same time as the expansion on the Upper Deck, the Main Deck also opens up, with the stern platform now becoming an area directly facing the sea and acquiring enough space to host an outdoor gym on one side and the classic sunbathing area on the other. From this deck, direct access can be made to the beach area which brings guests into direct contact with the water.

Obviously, ample options exist for customizing and furnishing these areas differently, according to the wishes and needs of the owners.

Rivellini design: attention to every detail

cruise around the world yachtThe interiors, with a layout customizable according to the owners’ preferences, are characterized by an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, where the chosen lines and materials are reminiscent of a marine environment, thanks also to the choice of nubuck leather fabrics in blue shades and white lacquer.

The concept proposed by Rivellini envisages a super-panoramic owner’s suite on the Upper Deck, naturally full beam, from which the surrounding landscape and, without any visual interruption, also the wheelhouse can be observed.

Innovation is the key word

This concept therefore confirms the designer’s great desire for innovation from a creative and technological point of view, combined with the search for the perfect balance between design and comfort. Above all, it marks a new step forward in his desire to keep abreast of the trends that fascinate him most and new ways of traveling and living on board.

Linked to this research, moreover, is the desire to install on this model a hybrid propulsion system with very low environmental impact, which is totally respectful of the marine environment.

This choice is in line with the most recent market demand for alternatives to fossil fuels and meets the needs of the designer, who since he was a boy has had a deep and multifaceted passion for the sea, from sailing to motor boats, always in search of a deeper contact with the water and the whole cruising experience.