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The perfect wheelhouse: inside the integrated system

Pershing 8X megayacht technology

sport megayacht with italian technologyTwo of the brands with the most innovative vocation in the yachting industry, XENTA – integrated steering systems for all types of boats – and Simrad – high performance marine electronics for motor boats – which also thanks to the total integration of their systems are contributing to the birth of a new generation of “4.0 yachts, are chosen by the most prestigious brands in the nautical sector.

These include Pershing, an iconic brand that identifies the essence of the sport motoryacht, which has installed XENTA and Simrad technology on the Pershing 8X, which received great tribute from the market and owners but also from critics. In fact it’s the new winner of the Motor Boat Award 2021 in the “Custom Yacht” category, assigned by a selected jury of experts and boat testers, on the basis of innovative, technical and stylistic parameters.

Xenta technology

Like all the Pershing of the X Generation that will offer this configuration, the Pershing 8X is the maximum expression of XENTA technology in terms of functionality (optimized ad hoc for the boat), to guarantee high levels of reliability and an incomparable pleasure at the helm, enabling each pilot to enjoy all the potential of the Pershing project.

The XENTA Helm-by-Wire steering system is one of the most interesting features, thanks to the presence of the innovative Autocourse system, which allows the captain to maintain the chosen heading without making continuous corrections. The system, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, is able to learn the movements of the steering wheel and then gradually replace the captain, in a completely natural way.

A XENTA Joystick package can complete the Helm-by-Wire system, coupled to thrusters, which includes Docking and Tiller / Cruise functions, for a fun and dynamic navigation experience. The Cruise function allows you to increase speed or decelerate, while the Tiller allows you to correct the course as if you were acting on the rudder.

An additional feature, which can be requested with the XENTA Joystick, is the innovative DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), a virtual anchor that autonomously steers the boat, keeping it in a static position at the desired point.

Xenta and Simrad: better precision and efficiency

Another key element of the XENTA system installed on the Pershing 8X is the integration with the Simrad Command electronics, which allows a dedicated interface with the Simrad autopilot system, taking advantage of all the features. This integration takes place through a single CAN BUS connection, a technical solution that leads to greater efficiency, responsiveness and precision in the exchange of information between the parties.

The Simrad NSO evo3s multi-function touch screens have dedicated graphics, which can display all the necessary information on the screen, relating to the operating parameters of XENTA. The system, thanks to the SG05 control unit, reports directly to the video, and communicates with the XENTA control unit, giving it all the information to be able to maintain the course, once the rudder angle data has been provided.

If the rudder wheel in autopilot mode were moved from the established course, the interface would be able to pick up the deviation. Consequently, the autopilot would be deactivated, so the control of the vessel would returns to the captain’s hands.

Thanks to the Simrad graphic interface, the captain can also decide to select the Active mode of the XENTA Helm or to exclude it, returning to helm without the aid of electronics.


SAIM: Mini Controller

The Mini Controller designed by the Swedish Zipwake and distributed in Italy