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Weerg’s new formula for metal replacement

boat technologies 3d print

boat technologies 3d printWeerg expands its range of 3D printable materials with the introduction of the new Extreme™ Carbon Fiber+PA12, the result of an exclusive formulation developed by its R&D department.

It’s a thermoplastic polymer in high-tech yarn that combines and optimizes the advantages of the two materials that compose it, guaranteeing advanced mechanical properties, dimensional stability and resistance to chemicals.

For the processing of this material Weerg has also implemented 6 new 3D printing systems with FDM technology dedicated to the production with the new Extreme™. High-performance solutions that complement the 12 HP Multi Jet Fusion 5210 industrial printers already in place, creating a cutting-edge 3D printing production facility unique in Europe.

Discover Extreme™ Carbon Fiber+PA12

Formulated specifically for metal replacement, Extreme™ Carbon Fiber+PA12 provides stiffness and XYZ flexural strength superior to the classic PA12, with a performance similar to aluminum 5083. Among the pluses there is also the extreme lightness deriving from the rectilinear infill at 15% and the excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic and alkaline hydrocarbons.

Extreme™ Carbon Fiber+PA12 also absorbs very little moisture, a feature that guarantees optimal performance in all conditions, even outdoors and below zero. Currently available in natural black finish, which respects the mechanic features, this material is ideal for applications that require the right combination of rigidity, strength and durability in many fields ranging from automotive to biomedical, aerospace to design.

New horizons with the 3D printing

We have invested in enhancing our R&D department to accelerate the testing of the most innovative open-source materials with the aim of further expanding our offer in the field of 3D printing,” says Matteo Rigamonti, founder of Weerg.

A sector that in the last year has exponential growth and increasingly shows the need for new materials to be used for specific industrial processes. “The introduction of Extreme™ allows us to propose online the parts and components making process to combine the performance of metals with the versatility of additive manufacturing, with the added value of all the pluses that distinguish the platform, among which the extremely competitive costs“, adds Rigamonti.

In fact, the Italian service that offers online CNC machining and 3D printing has always distinguished itself on the international market for a proposal based on assets such as: 100% made in Italy quality, latest generation technologies, automated workflow whose scale economies allow the company to be very competitive.

In addition, Weerg has already announced the release in the next few weeks of additional materials that will be added to those currently in the range. In addition to the new Extreme™ Carbon Fiber+PA12 printed with FDM technology, Weerg proposes 3D processing in Nylon PA12, Nylon PA11 and Polypropylene, made with HP MJF technology, and in resin. HP MJF technology, and in ABS like grey resin obtained with MSLA LED with the exclusively owned technology 4KSPER™ TECHNOLOGY.