The Mark of Adventure

yamaha sustainability project

yamaha sustainability projectIt’s started the countdown to the new Yamaha Marine challenge!

The key players of the summer three tuning forks are Simone Zignoli, passionate about extreme travels and adventures often linked to solidarity actions, and a high-performance Yamaha WaveRunner, on which he will embark on an exciting solo tour of Sardinia. It will start from the Island of Culuccia, a protected natural paradise and a symbol of the passion for adventure, and it will be entirely managed in a sustainable way, respecting the nature and the traditions of the island.

More about the solo navigation

The six stages – starting on August 21 and arriving on September 1 – that will allow him to circumnavigate the Sardinian island and bring him back to base will be followed closely on Yamaha’s social networks through videos and images of Simone himself, as in a real travel diary.

The Mark of Adventure“, the sign of adventure, will be an immersive experience that will leave traces on Simone’s body and spirit, but never on the environment: he will have to deal with nature, listening to it and respecting it.

Simone Zignoli, known to the general public for his participation in the program of Le Iene, – with the spontaneity and sensitivity that distinguish him – will make us spectators of the magnificience of nature in which he will immerse himself completely:

sleeping on the beaches, feeding on what nature will give him, meeting people and communities closely linked to the territory, and dealing with all the unforeseen events that will arise without ever losing sight of the values of sustainability and respect for the environment. The tour will be an opportunity to get in touch with virtuous institutions of the island that have made sustainability the driver for their lifestyle or business model.

In the name of sustainability

The Mark of Adventure is an experience that does not lose sight of one of the fundamental themes of undisputed priority: the need for the individual and collective assumption of a model of behavior in the name of sustainability.

Yamaha has thought of this project to introduce and present its global plan called ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN 2050, a sustainability plan that develops until 2050 – in which Yamaha is committed to reducing emissions, increase the recycling and the educational activities, and making available its resources to support third-party activities with concrete initiatives for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity.

Through Simone’s journey, Yamaha wants to spread the values of sustainability, using its communicative power to raise awareness and promote a cultural approach to the topic.

Proud about Mark the Adventure

Adventure has always been part of my DNA. Anyone who knows me is aware that I feed deeply on this. Traveling, discovering, exploring, meeting people who can enrich me. I love to share each of my journeys, each of my adventures so that it can be the starting point for someone else to “carve out” the opportunity to live strong emotions and unique experiences. But always respecting the nature, living in harmony with it” affirms an excited Simone Zignoli on the eve of departure.

Yamaha Motor strongly wanted this project which, in addition to the themes of adventure and the unique experiences that our products allow you to live, is accompanied by a concrete path to raise awareness of sustainability, an objective on which all companies will be called upon to discuss and define their own long-term plan ”, says Andrea Colombi, Yamaha Motor Italia Country Manager.

Starting from the island of Culuccia, Simone’s adventure will follow an itinerary that will touch the most beautiful places in Sardinia, including Porto Cuau, Feraxi, a passage from Cagliari and then continue towards Sant’Antioco and Alghero.

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